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I am an Uber and Lyft mentor, trainer and coach. My name is Torsten and I have an average 4.96 Star rating with almost 2,500 trips completed in Los Angeles. Let me show you how to maximize your weekly Uber and Lyft earnings, get the most tips and most importantly, receive the highest driver ratings. I will offer you one hour of free mentoring and training when you join via my Uber and Lyft referral links.

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  1. How much do you take from your drivers? How do you employ someone else? Why would they not go directly to uber or lyft? Pls excuse my ignorance.How can I find out how other ppl working for me, working for uber works?

  2. Here answer me this ….last week I drop off a pax hit complete trip then I wait for a ping suddenly a guy comes up to me sees my Lyft sticker and asks m for a ride downtown I tell him he has to request me threw the app ….h tells my doesn't have Lyft app so he offers me $10 bucks cash so I bring him then he reports me to Lyft saying I charged him money and they deactivated me he's doesn't even have a Lyft account wtf kinda shit is that