SILVER DoorDash Dasher FULL Shift Complete Review (2024)

Is DoorDash Dasher Rewards worth it? In this video I drive my first full shift on Silver Dasher Rewards to find out.

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  1. I've been doing DD since August and have been Top Dasher (Platinum) the whole time and can't complain. I hover around 70 to 80 AR all the time. I decline offers also and take crap orders once in a while. For the amount of good orders I get it's worth it. Plus being able to dash anytime is awesome.

  2. I was a top Dasher and now I'm at the bottom, at first I was a little pissed but i have gotten used to it. I now deliberately stay under 50% by stepping up my cherry pickings. My hourly rate dropped off by around $2, but I'm okay with that.

  3. I tried my red card but my stress level was way too high plus I kept getting alcohol orders without ever completing my alcohol training. I finally "lost/expired" my card and haven't gotten any more red card orders and I'm much happier.

  4. Yo always loving the content Mike! Wanted to connect because there's a gov grant available for rideshare drivers. Happy to share some info could give your audience a lot of value and money back in their pocket. See you on the road 🚗

  5. Heres a little information on the map icon if its a dot you're in idle mode and if its the arrow icon the app has you active, whenever it happens you gotta hit not getting deliveries until it turns back into the arrow icon, this is a legit thing ive talked to many support agents about it

  6. The thing with "high paying" offers, the mileage takes into account how far you are from a restaurant. I live in a rural town in TN, and am frequently getting $10 or so offers, but because I'm about 3 miles from the restaurant, and 3 miles from the client, that's not considered "high paying" which sucks.

  7. I vaguely recall once I reached Platinum received a pop up asking if I want to do a lot of shop and deliver orders or if I want to opt out. It also said, if I opt out, I would still get occasional shop and deliver orders. I opted out.

  8. In my experience as a top dasher (in my smaller market) I can generally COUNT on my first offer being utter garbage. I've also found that it's actually recommended to turn that down.

    Around 70-80% of the time I turn that garbage offer down, it'll be followed within a couple of seconds by a good offer. It happens WAY too often for me to consider coincidence.

    It's almost like it's part of the algorithm to determine if you're willing to be crapped on. If you are, you'll get everything from that point on. If you're not, you'll get more of the 1st tier offers.

    It's a sample of 1, so not scientific, but I kept track for over a year, and found it to hold mostly true.

  9. I've been Platinum now since the inception on the 7th here in Kansas City. Most of the time I'm getting restaurant orders. In fact I had a shop and deliver so much that I got rid of my red card. For me that's nice because I no longer get any shopping delivers. Today was a great day I made 139 dollars in 3 1/2 hrs.

  10. DD sometimes implement shadow hotzones. Theres a hotzone but the order was taken already before the refresh so theres no orders there. Sometimes DD just activates a hotzone there as "anchor" where it ask the restaurant to turn on its DD app, and DD just activates a hotzone there without orders just to let dasher park in the area in anticipation of orders coming thru. If you dont get an offer when you get there up until 2 minutes after the next refresh, then there no orders in the area.