So you’ve applied with Instacart…Now What?

Many people have applied with instacart to become a shopper. However I know that there can be some frustration waiting to hear back from them once you have applied. This video explains the process of what happens after you have applied with instacart and the details on what to do once you have…


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  1. Hi BlessedDriver! I enjoy your videos and you've been very helpful! I started as an Instacart Shopper 2 weeks ago. I only made $13 my first day and $96 for my first weekend. I'm in the Northern VA area outside of DC. It's been very slow and I've become quite discouraged. Disappointed, because I expected more activity. I'm in my 2nd weekend today, it's Saturday afternoon and I have not received ANY batches. My shift started almost 2 hours ago. Is it normal to be waiting in a so-called"hot zone" this long for a batch? Is this really worth my gas and my time?

  2. hi. I love your videos. thank you for your extensive information… I just started working for instacart, only worked one day, and I was so excited til I noticed the tip complications with the new service fee confusion that discourage customers from tipping. some instacart shoppers have advised me to explain to the customer how to not do the fee and where to tip if they like. I would like to see what you think is the best way to go about getting tipped. Im pretty sure I performed excellent customer service my only day working instacart and I did not receive tips, Im pretty sure it's due to the confusion with the service fee etc.. I don't really like the idea of hassling the customer about tipping but due to that working instacart is such a detailed oriented task I feel that accepting that the customer may be being fooled that he or she already is tipping is unacceptable