Sports in LyftZone, why is it relevant? “lyft” “uber”
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Rubber floor mats
Throw up
Car Seat Back Organizer
Peppermints (Sweets)
Rubber Gloves
Smart Phone Mount Holder
USB Car Duel Charger (One for you and one for the passenger)
Paper Towels

My Top Tips:
– Give your passengers a WOW Lyft experience. Keep your car clean, inside and out. Have various candy stocked in your car, people love sugar. Have a conversation about them, people love to talk about themselves. Lighten up and be happy, folks don’t like a Debby downer. Do what you have to do to get those good customer ratings.

-Open the Lyft app and drive on weekends at nights because this is when people are mostly out and about. Lyft emails all of the Lyft drivers in the area about events that are happening. Lyft also gives a list of places that you should be at certain times of the day to help you get your lyfts up.

-Learn about how to use the heat maps, some people say stay away from them. I think it really depends on the city you’re in. I’m in Philly, so when there is a heat map I go to it and always get rides. I don’t camp out in the heat maps but if I’m close I’m trying to get in the heat and get paid extra. Bottom line, hot spots can get you paid

-Get business cards from with your referral code on it. As a driver you’ll get a referral code, give out to everybody. Give it to all you’re family and friends and also spread it on social media. The more you spread it the more you’ll get paid because each time someone signs up for Lyft using your referral code. They will receive a free ride up to $20 and you will receive a $10 signup bonus, can’t be that with a bat.

-Lyft is great but sometimes it can be slow at times. I would suggest to sign up for a second ride sharing service as a back up. When Lyft gets slow you can turn on the other ride sharing company and fill in the blanks. You can even turn both apps on at the same time and go with whichever one hits first. Lyft has guarantee hours where they pay you a set rate, during this time don’t use both apps, just stay with Lyft during these times.

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  1. I live in Las Vegas and doing uber and lyft I get a lot of people from out of town that come here to bet on sports so it can reflect on how busy uber or lyft can be if sports are going on or not. Of course I'll get a lot of drunk people or people on vacation but if sports is going on it can get busy for uber and lyft

  2. I heard you have to have a CA license if you lyft in Cali. So if you lyft in other states, you must get a license in that state to lyft. How do people feel about that? Their license was good where ever state they came from but if they wanna lyft in the state they are passing through or visiting, their license will not suffice for lyft. so basically you can only lyft in your state and nowhere else unless you get a license in that state even though if you get pulled over, the law enforcement officers accept and recognize your out of state license. The police that stop you don't have a problem with your out of state license so why does lyft require an in state license if your current out of state license is good enough for the police???

  3. sucks man what they doing in philly. Their crooks. Can you please make a video of the heat zones in the map of lyft where demand is high and the percentage numbers ill see 20%-100%. Lol Today i tried to go to places and they would disapear as i got close ?

  4. I just discovered your channel. Might drive full time in the future if other job situations don't work out. I think you are helping people a lot with what you are doing. Thanks for helping people learn what it's like. Yes… people skills (not just driving skills) are important!

  5. I think talking about other issues help because a big part of being a driver is socializing with the clients. Personally sports are not high priority to me, so I just skip over those sections of video. Keep on doing what you are doing.

  6. let's do a science experiment. see how much you make in a month or a week without a head cover. then wear a head cover and see if you make more or less with or without a Headwear. oh yeah I almost forgot to mention to type of headwear, I'll let you pick because if I say traditional Muslim headwear, folks will get all bent outta shape but it does prove the climate of the masses. how they really feel towards others that are so foreign to their thinking and mindset that rather than to get to know them, they won't tip because of the headwear and the negative stigmata. I just find it odd, that the outcome of this experiment will show us that when they had no inclination that you're a Muslim Uber or lyft driver and were tipping and conversing and everything was cool. but the moment you pull up the next month with that headwear , no more tips, conversations, and negative Reviews. a bit odd don't you think? an experiment definitely someone MUST do. I'll do it if no one else will. I was never the scary type, I'll do it on the west coast if someone does it on the east coast and we will review the current climate and vibe of the nation east to west and back again.

  7. Hey Nate, when the autonomous cars come online for the masses, will it be detrimental to lyft and uber? So we should get at it while it's still there right or will the need always be there because not only the human interaction but the fear of a hacked autonomous car barreling down the highway at 200 mph into a wall or barricade?

  8. Sir, I appreciate you explaining your view. I apologize if I suck at my communication skills and came off as a troll. Not like that at all sir. I'm from the West Coast and I have nothing but love for the Eastcoast. I would like to thank you once again for educating me on how to be a more professional driver. I just don't like sports because this is just MY OPINION. I feel that these grown athletes get paid way way way too much money and on top of it all, they STAY up in the news. I guarantee you that any one of us normal poor folk come up on that kind of fortune and fame, I bet you not one of us will be on the news like the athletes we see nowadays. And why do folks get on the athletes for getting in trouble and end up on the news. the parents get mad because their kids' idol is on the news setting the wrong example. I'm from the old school days. what ever happened to parents actually BEING their kids' idol or role model? Nowadays parents give their children iPads or some other sort of electronic device (which retards their communication skills later on in life) and the athletes, celebrities, and electronic devices are raising the modern youth while the parents just sit back and not do their parental duties as a parent which is interact with your children, connect with them, be a freaking parent so they don't end up in trouble or shot or hurt.

  9. I enjoyed this video. Thank you for taking the time to break it down. Now I see it from a different perspective that I never knew existed. I want to hear more about black lives matter and how we can actually help them further their cause in a non violent way kinda like how MLK did. And he further the cause more than anyone else did and he did it all WITHOUT firing a gun or throwing a molotov.

  10. Amen, Nate. You understand the big picture. Rideshare is not just about driving. You have to be able to chit chat about all types of topics. We all need to be ridesharing because we enjoy interacting with others as well as driving.