Sign up to drive for LYFT using the link below and use my PROMO CODE to get a $100.00 or more BONUS:

Sign up to drive for UBER using the link below and use my PROMO CODE to get a $100.00 or more BONUS:

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  1. Here in Louisville, most people are pretty nice. In all my trips I've only stopped twice. Once was at the gas station, the passengers did buy me an energy drink. The other was a trip to Walgreens, but was tipped $10 at the end of the ride. (Doesn't happen that often in that amount). They told me they forgot they had an uber, but it was all good in the end.

  2. We have the sane general experience!! I would say that 80% of the riders that ask for stopping at a gas station or a drive thru offer to buy me something, which i usually do except when is primetime or crazy busy(usually for drive thru)

  3. it depends on the fare plain and simple. I'm not stopping for someone on a small fare unless it's a high surge were min rate is high enough to make it worth it but if it's a nice fare like a 50 or 100 dollar trip I'll stop if the line isn't to long and I ask r u treating but I don't ask rudely I ask like jokingly so they don't get offended.and if they say yes I say I'll take mine in cash jokingly of course and they usually laugh and say don't worry I'll take care of u. and I've gotten many tips that way I wonder if I didn't say that would they have given me a tip. and if they say no. I say as long as there isn't a line cause it's to busy rite now for me to wait and there's always a line. so I don't stop. just feel em out first so u don't stop for nothing. we're here to make money. and I agree a number 1 combo is 8 dollars u don't have to spend so it's like getting a tip.

  4. I drive Uber here in Indianapolis. On the occasion I'll get a gas station/fast food request, mostly gas station. And a good portion of the time I'll get offered if I want anything, I usually decline the offer. What I do notice is that the people that normally offer are people that don't have good paying jobs, service jobs like hotel staff, restaurant works and such. But I have to admit I've never been asked to go through the drive thru, pax always went inside.

  5. at $0.13 a minute …. in my city it is $0.35 a minute… i can tell you if i was driving with the same expenses at your rate driving uber would be a not for profit job lol… i believe that your rate wouldnt even cover my expenses and id be eating and living in homeless shelters

    the fuel price in my city is $5 a gallon and it can go up to $5.80 ….