Sunday Night on Instacart and Postmates

VLOG 567 || 22ND OCTOBER 2017

UberEATS offering new drivers up to $900 to get started!

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  1. Curious to hear your thoughts on the new post mates update?  I'm personally not a fan of it because it doesn't show you if a tip is pending. It also doesn't show you specific details for blitzes anymore. Thoughts?

  2. What to say about instacart, been doing it for prettymuch all of october here in the jungles of manhattan. The customers are nice, but you'll encounter a lot of just simply lazy people who don't want to be bothered shopping and complain if an apple has a bruise in it. Then go buy one…. it's tough, the app is buggy, and the computer will be unfair and give you mountains of bags to deliver or worse give you an order you can't do in the time it expects. Other than that, decent app job.