Super Fast Keto Grocery Haul – Instacart

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Grocery delivery Instacart:
Bulk meat from Zaycon Fresh:
Most everything else you see exists somewhere on Amazon but if you want specifics, feel free to ask. Thanks for watching!

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Coach Carl Carl Lawrence AKA Coach Carl Private Investigator Extraordinaire has been in the transportation industry for over 20 years. I was driving cab in New York City before Uber was ever a thought. As technology changes, we all have to change with all the new innovations that are occurring every day. So with technology, it is time to bring all Cab/Rideshare drivers under one roof. With numbers there is power. So let's drive into the future together... Coach Carl

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  1. For having all that good stuff delivered, it is a very reasonable price. I had to look up HEB and I wish there was one around here. Especially with the BBQ restaurant that is in the new HEB in Killeen. Great to see what you buy. And as I said before, you are a natural born cook. I love what you prepare.