Here is the second video in this series entitled: Line saves you money but can back fire. I am sure that Uber has something similar. For Lyft it is “Line”. Line is used by you the passenger when traveling with one other person or by yourself. If you choose to use line your driver may […]

After my first 5,000 miles or so doing rideshare I decided to share my top tips. The number 1 tip I can give is to tell drivers to get a tablet. A larger screen will help them navigate the roads easier and see possible short cuts or wrong Google instructions. Tip number 2 would be […]

Welcome to a new series of possibly as many as 20 videos around the idea of bettering passenger and driver relations. Each tip will perhaps lead to a better understanding of how a driver for Uber Or Lyft might perceive certain actions. Here is tip # 1 for riders – Know where you are going! […]

56: Creating A Multi-6-Figure Business with Uber — Harry Campbell

Harry Campbell started the started in 2014, he was a full time aerospace engineer and part-time Uber, Lyft and Sidecar driver. He actually discovered rideshare as a passenger back in 2012 but it wasn’t until he moved from San Diego up to Orange County that he decided to give it a try as a […]

7 Time Saving Tips For New Lyft Drivers

Don’t waste valuable time & energy by wandering around your city looking for rides! As a beginner, learn how to drive more efficiently and effectively. Make more money and save time while at it! Use These 7 Tips For Driving With Lyft Below: 1. Smile (0:40) 2. Drive at the right times (1:20) 3. Find […]

A Inside Look at My Driver Account UBER DRIVER TRUE PAY RATE

DRIVER GUIDELOCAL RESOURCESHOURLY GUARANTEES Hourly guarantees Another way to earn Hourly guarantees give you confidence in your earnings. When you meet the requirements, you will be guaranteed a level of gross fares. Drive with confidence How hourly guarantees work An hourly guarantee is a… source

Airtax: simple tax for rideshare drivers

Whether you’re driving full time or doing a few hours here and there to make some extra cash, you should be aware of your tax obligations as a rideshare driver, which differ to other sole traders. With Airtax, you can access a range of resources, such as specific tax guides and tips to ensure… source

An easy trick to increase your weekly Uber and Lyft earnings with free magazines and business cards.

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Apparel for Drivers – UZURV / Uber / Lyft

Like my new hat? It was provided courtesy of Raymond Taber, a.k.a. UberRaymond on Instagram, & DEADPOOL within the UZURV community. You can get one, too by visiting his online store at Mr. Taber has several other goodies and resources available to all of us at… source