Talmon Marco and Juno Take on Uber

Ingrid Lunden talks to Founder and CEO Talmon Marco about Juno, his “ethical, socially responsible” alternative to Uber beta launching this week in NYC. Drivers can earn equity and higher cuts of fares.


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  1. He is very nice guy. I personally met him on his office even I'm a Uber n Juno driver and I recommend join juno instead of uber.
    I asked him Sir can you please tell me are u only the owner of this company or there are other partners, he said you and all other junos guys are our partners n i smiled the way he siad.
    He is the best ?

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  3. Über, just say no. I know a few people who have booked with these jokers and the drivers did not even know where they were going. I used to take black cabs fortnightly and no substitute for the knowledge.

  4. I hope they succeed. Uber is like working for a slave master for sub par wages. I know many drivers became so disgruntled that the service started to get bad for the customers with drivers going "postal" on customers. One driver even went on a killing spree. That's the culture Uber fosters and it's as anti-American as it gets.