Taxi Driver Rescues Concert Goers in Las Vegas Mass Shooting – vlogtober 2

Taxi Driver Cori Langdon was in the Mandalay Bay taxi line last night when the shooting at the Jason Aldean concert started. She captured the whole ordeal on video including a small rescue effort with a few concert goers.

Cori Langdon’s Video was deleted, but I have a copy:…


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  1. Hey girl. I work Uber/lyft on Las Vegas. Last night Lyft sent out a message right after the shootings happened telling us to stay away until Metro Police said it was clear. I dont recall seeing anything from Uber. Such a tragedy that happened. My prayers go out to all the victims and their families.

  2. Watching Cori's video the following questions came to mind:

    1) Taxi drivers/dispatch quickly warned taxis to get out of the area. Did Uber or Lyft send alerts to drivers to avoid Mandalay Bay or the strip?

    2) Does Uber have a tactical disaster team in place in case there are natural disasters or other catastrophic events

    3) What would you have done in her situation?

    4) What is your disaster plan?