That Time Pregnant Pax Was in Labor in my Car – Uber Storytime

Chances are you may pick up passengers with medical emergencies, so always be prepared and keep a cool head! Today’s story time is about a pregnant couple that was in labor.

Disclaimer – if pax has a medical emergency call 911. This womans contractions werent that close together to make me think she was in dire need of going to the hospital. Am I a doctor? Nope. Just had 3 pregnancies myself!



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  1. You look so very gorgeous, you always look beautiful no matter what. You're just a stunning beauty and you're very humble, nice, helpful and friendly and that shines through you because the love of God is so in you and surrounds you.

  2. Please get a Laptop, Final Draft Software and a writing partner – because this is a new Situation comedy. You could create a New Version of the old "TAXI" Seriously you should write 30 minute screenplays based on your real lift experiences with a comedy writer. Present your screenplays to one of the studio in your area. Call the show "UBERTime" or something funny. You can do this!

  3. Anyone thinking about going to

    I drove Lyft last year from Sat morning on because I kicked out a wasted Uber passenger at 9am and he wrote in saying I was under the influence. (UBER took till Tuesday to sort it out).
    I could have stayed busy 24 hours each day! I got up on Sat morning at 4am and was doing rides one after another.
    I did get a ticket for blocking traffic when I stopped in the street at an intersection for only 15 seconds. Pull into a parking lot if you can. I could have beat the ticket because they had "No Parking" signs all over instead of No Stopping!

    Buy water bottles and even snacks because everyone is hungry and thirsty.
    Last year UBER was a sponsor and parking inside the venue was a waste because it was like being at LAX, TOO MANY DRIVERS!!!

    Driving for Lyft was better for me!

    The first weekend you might go there for Wed on because they do venue set-up, but not on second weekend. Many concert goers wait till Monday to go home. Go Friday-Mon/Tues on second weekend as tear down and many wait till Monday to go home.

    Uber/Lyft are not allowed there!
    Use Del Taco addy as destination! Before you get to airport, remove ride share stickers and turn off phone! They track you and keep track of how many times you got to the airport!!! Then drop off pax, drive to Del Taco to end trip after you replace the battery or turn the phone on (remember some apps can track you even if phone is off).
    SERIOUSLY Lyft will kick you off permanently if you go to airport 3 times.

    You also might do well to drop off business cards at hotel Concierges because many ppl take Ride Share to LAX. I missed a assigned ride to LAX when a Uber driver poached the ride off the clock!

    Have an Aux cord and make sure your Air Conditioner works 110%!!!
    And check your back seat for contraband, ppl spill weed, pills etc. cops are a pain in Indio!!!
    I would work all night and take a couple of naps during the day. Be ready to work for hours after the last Act gets off stage!!!
    Find a gas station with a car wash because you will NEED to wash and vacuum car several times!!!
    There are wealthy pax's riding to VIP parties so be on your A Game!!! When you get a VIP pax give them business card to give their friends when you drop them off at big private party.

    Drive ALL around the Venue and area and it would help to have a single page 8.5"x 11" map so you can call pax to find location or arrange pick up locations.
    NOTE: there are areas where pedestrians are not allowed to walk around Venue so ppl might get ticket for violations. If there ARE "No Stopping" signs do not take a chance unless you are sure no cops. But there are cops everywhere so don't drink n drive either. Find the drop off parking lot but you can use regular parking to drop off if you are slick enough!!!

  4. I sing A LOT during my uber eats drives. Can't live stream (bc of GPS) but I'm thinking about taping a song a week, 1min clip for my Instagram followers and full song for my YouTube. Nothing into it. I'm not trying to get discovered or anything. It's just something for fun. Looking great, btw!

  5. Great vid & you're looking super stunning as always. The way you told the story sounded like a script for a comedy movie, for example the guy talking into his upside down cell phone sweatin' even though the air was on full blast was some good sh%t. I like, I like. You go little "O" (Oprah)!!! ????

  6. The guy from the story reminds me of myself, new father and nervous as heck lol. This was pre uber days so we were in a cab. Anyway thanks for sharing, you really took me back to the simpler times ?. God bless and good luck with your success.