The best advice, practical tips for new uber and lyft drivers, where and when to be for more rides

This is the most simplistic and practical advice I can give for new drivers. It is up to you to find out where the busy spots in your city are for bars and where people work but they are usually located in the downtown and newly gentrified areas of towns. It is very important to understand how traffic Flows In and Out of cities and what times and directions people travel based on rush hour and when people go out for the night. I hope this video is helpful please comment and subscribe and share with friends that you think it might help. Thank you for watching!


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  1. As a new driver I found this to be an EXCELLENT VIDEO. It confirmed some of my theories that I had been thinking however I just wasn't sure of. I drive from 5am-9am and most of my rides are the airport rides. I have been ASSUMING that after dropping someone off at the airport before 8:30am that it is simply not worth hanging around the airport hoping to catch a fare. So I drive 5 miles away from the airport and then turn on my app.