The best advice you will ever get for doing Amazon Flex. This video is for the drivers!

This video is for the drivers, if you are not registered with Amazon Flex yet this will not make a lot of sense to you but good luck on getting hired the next time they come around. This is the best advice you will get on making your day shorter and your life simpler please enjoy it. Great tips on scanning loading and all the round delivery.

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Sign up for Lyft Here’s where to apply:

Sign up for Lyft Here’s where to apply:

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  1. That pretty much answered my question, along with another similar video. It mentioned there is another tab under Itinerary called Summary? Apparently it lists your ONLY required deliveries? Occasionally the shipping center will add on to routes extras (for I assume might be various reasons, such as previously undelivered/undeliverable, etc.?) that then would be listed on the end of the route out of order? I think that you wouldn't be penalized if you could not deliver the extra ones not assigned, but I can't say for sure as I just signed up for Amazon Flex.

  2. This seems to be a better than Uber.  I called my insurance company to inquire about Uber and it appears Uber is a bad word in the insurance industry.  The insurance rep literally made me confirm that I will not do rideshare…..if I do I would be dropped.  Perhaps I could do Uber eats and not deal with rideshare.  I like Amazon Flex but I do not  think it's available in Tampa Florida.

  3. Thanks for the videos, been watching for the past couple months. Question: how do you get pay stubs or proof of work from Amazon flex? I'm applying for an apartment and need these things since Amazon is my main source of income right now. Very much appreciate any info or help

  4. Thanks for the great videos. I thought different packages had different delivery deadlines. Is that not the case? Meaning you could have a package due early… but is furthest in distance driving wise… Does that situation ever come up?

  5. Can you drop off the deliveries in any order? If they are designated to be delivered in a certain order, but that order doesn't make sense for whatever reason, and isn't the most efficient way, can you drop them off in an order that is more efficient and makes more sense?

  6. I have only done this for 5 days but have mastered it… One of the best ways to find packages scattered in your trunk is to look for the street name letter… like if it's for 334 Fremont…. look at all the packages for a big F on the label next to 334…way easier than someone's name…

  7. Hey, ex ups driver here, starting flex in pdx. Your methods mentioned are ups101. Great video on presort and preload. Lining up pkgs to scan, lighting, scanning and swipe complete before delivery…solid advice for rookies and veterans wanting to keep things simple.
    Following distance and no backing unless u have to would be my contribution. And beep your horn right when u arrive at a residential as consignee will often come out to your vic. Good job on the vid.