The Daily Moth 5-9-17

South Korea Elects New President, Sally Yates Testimony about Michael Flynn, Trump Approves Aiding YPG with Weapons, Trump Fires FBI Director Comey, and Deaf Woman Discriminated by Instacart Employees


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  1. That's why we, Deaf people, are an agent of social change. Don't let them remove us from social change for make our life improve for everyone. Too many people don't realize that sign language is superior. (Bah, I know it's lingualism) Visual language is much faster than written/spoken English, right? Speed of light rocks!

  2. it's unbelievable outcome obviously these two really small minded people the company should have given them probation not to excuse for not their unfamiliar on deafness culture or not understand enough on hearing handicap that able to drive e or non sense issue they label that eagerly job seeker like (hmm my ex use what her name ) but I truly happy to see she keep fighting to get someone to aware the situation that s great case take off cap to her Larry from NJ

  3. Excuse me, about Instacart I think they(interviewers) are bull… because in California are big state than Florida huh. Several deaf drivers under instacart NO problems about their EAR. From fog city by the way hope Christina read this.