The DO NOT do on UBER and LYFT for newbies

Learn where to drive in Atlanta:

This simple method of do not do will save you time and make more money. And also keep your ratings up.

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  1. Excellent advice. Yes, as a LYFT driver, you do have the option to phone your customer during the five minute stop arrival. This feature is especially helpful for customers residing in apartment buildings, employeed within office/ industrial parks or waiting with shopping centers.

  2. Question, I see your hanging out waiting on ride calls. I am in a smaller city but I still feel I can make this work for me. One question I have is, would you tend to hang close to airports or is that mostly too many short trips to make it worth the time? I am trying to decide where to hang out to be closer to to the locations that will be busy and get the calls. Thanks!

  3. I have a tip…. after cancelling a ride for whatever reason…. it's best to just turn the app off… and drive away from that area…. and then turn it back on… reason being.. if you cancel the ride and the same person pops back up on your phone….. you have the option to accept or deny… if you accept,then you already know… they're gonna give a 1 star….. and if you deny…. then your acceptance rating will go down for that week…. so just turn it off and bounce.. #lyftdriver

  4. Good business rules Time is money. You were cool. Heck she could have put the make up on in the car. I mean what girl doesn't know that's the deal. She was out to lunch on that totally. You had to move on even her boyfriend would said hurry up. She crazy

  5. I haven't even started driving for UBER yet, have about 10 days before I get my car. Here's a huge tip, know how to effectively and professionally communicate with your passengers. People don't want to hear any ghetto jive, or slang.

  6. One thing you forgot is the vehicle u drive matters. Passengers rate older cars lower alot. basically they dont care if your in debt up to your eyeballs just because the next guy has a new vehicle.

  7. On your trip cancelation part. After 5 minutes they don't show up and YOU cancel them as no-shows, Yes you do get paid BUT Uber marks it down as YOU canceling the trip and hold it against YOU. If you have 8 or more cancelations Uber sends you a nasty gram warning you that your driver status can be revoked because YOU canceled to many trips. They never explain how you are responsible for the rider not showing up.

  8. thank you because you are right!!! I have experience it
    also the under age riders in California be careful they believe because they have the app they should ride don't unlock your doors and let them in ask they 're age also picking them up for or after school under age not being accompanied by an adult uber policy but drivers are picking them up and causing problems for the ones the don't because of the uber policy state don't and you will get a lower rating because they will rate you even thought they are under age riders

  9. Great Video man. I hope to be driving soon. I renewed my license in April and it is Jan. They said I need to prove I have been driving for 1 year. I had to go to the DMV and get a history report for $20. I've been driving since 1984. ?!?!?! Good luck.