The Psychological Tricks Uber Uses on Drivers

New York Times article:

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  1. They also increase your cancellation rate when you take a week or more off. Mines started off at 5% and gradually went up to 14% and I only had 2 cancellations. Also, my acceptance kept decreasing FORCING ME TO DRIVE TO AVOID DEACTIVATION.

  2. Latest "manipulation" is to remove their commission from the TRIP DETAILS. Guess they felt if drivers couldn't see what Uber was taking from each fare we're so stupid we would forget how much they're ripping us off ?!?!??!

  3. I drive for UBEReats, 6 days a week, 7 hours a day, clear $520 a week after gas. I sit "idle" 40% of the time waiting for an assignment. This is a "between jobs job" for me. If not for UBER, I'd sit at home, make $0 waiting for a good job to come along. I'm kind of unique, I'm 5 years from retirement and won't take any job, has to be close, the right hours, pay, bennies. 2 weeks of UBER pays all my expenses, including gross gambling amounts, the next 2 weeks are GRAVY. I'm not wealthy, and I'm not worried, have $$$$$ in the bank.

  4. Hello, I have completed about 800 rides, mostly 5 star ratings. Recently a rider gave me a 5 star rating that she claimed turned into a 4 star. I looks like uber has been manipulating the ratings system. Thoughts?

  5. Airport trips aren't as great as they used to be…. point being, you could wait 15 minutes to get a trip that could go like 8 miles…. OR you could even get a request that's NOT at the airport that goes that same distance immediately WITHOUT waiting.

    And let's say bad case scenario you get that immediate trip from wherever you are that's let's say just 3 miles… you could get another trip after that and it might be farther too cause you're increasing your trip counts which will increase your chances to likely get that one trip to take someone far…. none-the-less, you're driving making money NOT waiting just for 1 trip. Just the truth on the slight downside of what it's like picking up at the airport now.

  6. Uber is not alone.  I drove for LYFT, on a $31 fare charged to the customer, LYFT reported $23 to me.  LYFT TOOK $13.75 and left me with $13.25.  This is FRAUD IMHO.  CHECK the fee charged the customer vs. the amount they report to the driver.  This is not right.

  7. My favorites are things like a surge pops up, it's slow, so you move to the surge area, and just as you get in it, the surge shrinks, or vanishes all together … And my personal favorite, hit you up with a rider 15 minutes away, and you get there and they are going 5 minutes ride up the road … So now I have wasted 15 minutes for a 5 minute ride, and I am now in an area that doesn't get a lot of riders …

  8. I definitely noticed the psychological tricks…lyft would hound me almost everyday with their 'guarantee' bonus texts if I drive x amt of rides..i think they figured out i must have a FT job, so they have stopped. Uber knows I only drive Fri and Sat sometimes Sun, and having their boost promotion in Phila right now has got me out on the road as such that I don't even turn on lyft's app…lol lyft has too many darn rules for their guarantee and their requests if I were to not drive in the city is always 15+ min pick up time…forget that!!.

  9. Speaking of the star rating system. Unless you tell folks you need a 5 star just to pass, they do not realize it. I tell them anytime you give me a rating less than a 5 you are FAILING me in UBER"S eyes!!!….They sound very surprised!

  10. You are so right on the back-up orders I have noticed and took screenshots when its surging and saw that they was sending me back up orders within seconds of of dropping and the order had no surge pricing .So I would just stop orders until i am finished …. The new upgrade we have now is total BS also it just shows the time of eta and the passengers rating along with the miles it used to show the zipcode so we can determine if we want it or not they play too much games but i still make my money !

  11. FUCK UBER there making MILLIONS and there giving driving chump change the sitting behind a computer just pushing buttons and making millions and the drivers the one who's doing all the work is putting wear and tear on the car FUCK UBER I had a nice car with low miles then I started using it for Uber in less than three months I put over 11,000 miles on the car before driving for over my car as a trade in value of $9,000 and I traded the car ran it had so many miles on it and appreciated the value of the car and only got $2,500 has a trade-in value

  12. I knew about this but never thought about it closely. It's true that Uber and Lyft plays with you to get you out on the road. Before going out I check out the promotions carefully and decide if it is worth of my time or not. Most of the time the guaranteed hours and boost are pretty low but on a few occasions they could be good. I don't like to drive for Uber and Lyft without promotions or surge. Nowadays Uber minimum fare is at $2.47 and Lyft minimum fare is the same. How am I suppose to make money like that? definitely not worth of my time, thank you for the channel I am a driver from Miami.

  13. That is not the definition, nor does it meet the criteria of what a loaded question is. It's a pretty straightforward question. Understanding the nature of business and trying to generate profits does not neutralize the intervention of the question of ethics.
    Also print media isn't slow, they are thorough. Unlike digital media platforms and outlets that spam click bait with stories of little substantive content, a publication like the New York Times which by the way has digital outlets as well will bide their time, gather credible details and information and then write an in-depth story. These are just Internet age clichés that are masked veilings for people's excuses for not being credibly informed and instead relying on news that makes itself available to them rather than them seeking it out. I can get my news from social media because people want to propagate me with their perspectives and opinions and therefore make it available in my timeline, or I can do my own research and actually have to do some legwork. Clearly our society is an intellectually lazy one, and the former is more appealing than the latter.