The State Of Driving Uber & Lyft Now… Episode 100 Of Show Me The Money Club

Welcome to Show Me The Money Club live show with Sergio and Chris Tuesdays 6pm est/3pm pst. Thanks for your support as …


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  1. Seeing as these videos have zero impact on Guber and Gryft, I think its high time we realize all this fraud and theft is by design. They do not want smart drivers on their platform, but instead prefer migrants and losers who are happy destroying their cars for $15/hr after gas, which is way less than min wage. It's time to move on guys… nothing is changing.

  2. People did this to themselves instead of treating it like a side hustle, which it clearly is now they do this full-time live out of their cars I mean, what’s the point of having a place to live save your money and live in your car.

  3. This was a bad 100 episode 😡 telling drivers desperate for money to quit, but laughs and jokes about how he is making money stock trading. Wow thanks for the pep talk,should have gone to LAXIT and get RIDESHARE AMIGO FREE tacos 🌮 instead.

  4. WARNING UBER DRIVERS BEING HUSTLED!!!! I have been receiving calls from "passengers claiming to be from UBER support, asking for my personal info and threatening to deactivate me if I don't "identify myself" by giving up my phone number and email address. I have notified UBER and they have yet to get back to me.

  5. Sergio. I did 30 trip challenge for Lyft . Only drive XL category with bonus zone 3/4 dollars plus Lyft offer extra hours $4 dollars every trip and challenger 30 trip for $120 . My experience 30 trip with all the bonus I make $440 in 44 hours. I would eat shit driving for Lyft regular without bonus / incentive. No no Lyft David u have done nothing to drivers

  6. Seigio/ Chris.u both doing great work congratulations 100% however Uber / Lyft 2024 is just garbage with no respect our hard work. I give Lyft another challenge 30 trip for extra $120. Being there done there . New Lyft CEO u have done nothing for drivers six month ago u open your mouth on show me the money club. Sergio cheers 🍻 we keep flighting our cherry 🍒 picking that worth our time . I don’t subscribe all YouTube because I move forward what paid my bills