THE TIME I DROVE AN UBER EMPLOYEE | Plus Uber’s New Compliments Feature

The Uber app has a new feature called compliments – just another way NOT to tip your driver, LOL. PLUS I talk about the time I gave a ride to an Uber employee and what she had to say about tips!

Business Insider Article:

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  1. I'm not agreeing with not receiving tips in cash because there is a benefit to having readily available cash on hand but it does take away from the notion of possibly being robbed for your tips. Cab drivers are often targeted for that. Also, electronic tipping is probably better for the company as a whole because it keeps the drivers honest about how much they're actually making at the end of the day. I hardly ever got tipped when I was working this food delivery job (Not DD, small company that didn't go far) after I came back from the Navy but I do remember the owners of this particular company telling the drivers that it's okay if they don't claim all of their cash tips on the tip sheet at the end of the day but they do have to claim 100% of the electronic tips because there's a record of it. That's the only things of which I can see about this.

  2. That's right on point, they can tip in the app, cashlessly. I agree to Follow the money and never believe they want anything more for us than what they give on boost. It almost seems like they want every penny they get, but no extra for us, sad. cuz I really like Uber, but I don't think that they like or care about us.