This Atlanta driving! SMH….

I’m sorry Atlanta I just had to vent.

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  1. In Utah we really only have traffic from about 4PM to 6PM. So guess which 2 hours I'm not drivin? lol I've tried drivin in the commuting rush hour traffic before and it's just not worth it. You just get stuck no matter where you are dealin with selfish ass drivers, you gotta break crazy and speed crazy to get anywhere which gives you bad ratings. Plus if you are stuck in traffic with a passenger who is annoying or rude, it's like 10 times worse cause you are sitting in there not movin. Wish Atlanta wasn't so bad for you man, I have heard from passengers it's insane. You gotta like exit 2 miles early just to make your right exit and shit. That's crazy

  2. You better PREACH IT BROTHER!!! They are freaking PSYCHO out there!!! This is my #1 complaint about Atlanta–the aggressive driving psychos flying down the road, side swiping, cutting you off, and OMG the tailing. I am so freaking sick of that. WTH are you tailing someone when the traffic is barely moving??? How fast do you expect us to go??? LOL

  3. The traffic, the driving is by far the WORSE I have seen in my life. I thought Chicago had crazy driving, but some ppl just don't deserve DL's. Many are driving without one! And then uber has the nerve to not give us a break on these bs trips. I'm in the mindset of quiting and just being a rider or hitting that Marta up. I fear for my life everyday while driving. Either because of an accident or a car jacking. And the money is getting thinner faster then a cancer patient losing weight (no disrespect).

  4. one cant drive one cant see..your funny,,I was almost in that situation when an old black man and woman was driving in wrong direction on Peachtree Industrial during day time ..that why I alway stay alert and those backseat drivings are the worst !!!!!