Tip Jar Tuesday #228

Counting the cash & electronic tips for the week.
#uberdcvlogs #tipjartuesday #uberdriver #pax
Cameras Used: GoPro 11 Black
Editing Software: Adobe Premiere 2024
Lighting: LumeCube – https://lumecube.com/
Vehicle: 2022 Chevy…


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  1. About 15 years ago I worked with someone whose dad got a job straight out of high school in the 1950's with eastman kodak in NY, worked 20 years there got a pension, then went to work job with a county did 20 years there got another pension and then retired. Two pension checks and a social security check, guy made more retired than most people did working. Those days are long gone, today companies don't want employees to get close to the time they can get a pension, if they even offer a pension.