Tips for Atlanta UBER and Lyft driver’s time it double pay on Friday and Saturday night

Sign on LYFT BONUS $$$$ –

Sign on UBER BONUS $$$ –

I took pictures and will show and tell you what time to get out there when it is surging to get double triple your money. On Friday and Saturday nights


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  1. Bro I live in the "A" and just started driving three days ago. Your videos are a ton of help!  Cant thank you enough. Do You have a video on picking up passengers form the airport? I have no idea how the whole airport thing works. Thanks again brah for sharing the knowledge and giving back.

  2. It's interesting to watch this video and compare it to the surges in ATL now. They are definitely different (Buckhead is always surging but I haven't seen a surge in Gresham Park since August). Do you find it's harder to make money now or is it about the same (or better)? Thanks Terry!