Tips for Atlanta UBER and LYFT drivers

Giving tips on hot spot areas, surge areas, what time to come out that will value your time on the road.

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  1. Terry, love ya man, you got charisma dude. One thing about Pool and Line, you mentioned trying to stop new requests so you'd only lose a little $ on one rider instead of losing on two, not to mention losing time, etc.
    I thought that was a good idea at first, but now I realized that that plays right into the riders hands since exactly what they really want is to ride solo at a reduced rate. So if we help them do that then they are going to keep using pool more and more; and why not.
    Now my philosophy is to hope they get matched up and that they are as put out, inconvenienced, uncomfortable, and grossed out by the other riders as possible. That's the only way they're going to be as unhappy about pool as we are as drivers. Hope it's hard to locate the next pickup and take an extra minute or two to try to find them; hope they will be squeezed in the backseat by a crude, fat, and stinky ridersharer. Go out of your way to make them hate the experience, but not blame it on you. Maybe next time they'll think twice about ordering pool just to save a dollar or two.
    I try to avoid as many pools as I can, but when I do get them I now hope for a miserable match up just to piss them off that they used pool.
    More solo pool trips = more pool trips being requested. More bad pool experiences = less pool rides requested.

  2. Thank you for all the tips. Im a single mom with a special needs child. I have morning free from 9am – 1pm. thank you again. love your videos and your delivery style. Im in california. Good advice. I've seen a lot of your videos.

  3. Hello from Singapore! I appreciate your videos on tips !

    Do you recommend staying put in a place rather than driving around to receive passenger requests ? How Ling do you recommend staying in a spot ?

  4. great tips, Terry. Thanks!! I'm a Lyft/Uber Newbie ..I seem to be getting alot of short rides…Uber Pools…15 minute drives to pick up a passenger who only has to go 2 blocks…How are you dealing with that?

  5. Hey !! great video !! if I heard you correctly .. you pick up at the airport … I thought that's was not legal .. I heard if you did pick up a passenger there we will get ticketed… is this true ??… I have dropped off at the airport but not a pick up….I heard uber is trying to still working that out ?? .. please enlighten me on this .. greatly appreciate it ?