Tips: for new UBER and LYFT drivers in Atlanta. The most busy day out the week.

Sign on LYFT BONUS $$$$ –

Sign on UBER BONUS $$$ –

Monday morning is the most busy day out the week. Should be your set point for making money through out the week. $100 or better should be made Monday mornings. Make sure you get that $100 point before you call it quits for the day on Monday.


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  1. This video is so useful! There is almost always a surge at the ATL airport Sunday night around 11pm through the early morning. I personally work most of the day Sunday (8am to about 5pm or I hit $150 after the app takes their cut) and then wake up at 4am on Monday and crank it until about 10am. The only thing I would do differently is not put on dead miles by doubling back. Do your research and watch when and where the surges happen. The only time I'll head back into the city (or East Point) is when the airport que is more than 35-45 minutes. Good stuff Terry!