Top Tips and Tricks for Being an Uber/Lyft Driver: How to Have the Best Rideshare Experience

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How to Become an Uber/Lfyt Driver:

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Uber and Lyft are two internet based companies that help in connecting riders with the drivers under ridesharing agreement for their mutual benefit. They allow the drivers to decide their own working schedule and use their own cars for making money through them. They can earn some cash when a customer uses Uber or Lyft app through his/her mobile phone to get a cab for commuting to their destination. Uber/Lyft drivers in that area are notified to provide ride to the customer.

Have a Good car for Uber/Lyft:

One must have a newish looking four door car and a Smartphone to start his career as Uber/Lyft driver. You can also use good condition old luxury cars for this purpose. Main purpose of focusing on new car is the safety of the drivers and customers.
The criminal and driving history of the candidates will be checked by Uber/Lyft to avoid the drivers convicted for drunk driving or criminal record.
Though Uber/Lyft driver need not buy commercial insurance from his respective company as his personal auto insurance can serve the purpose but the passengers are covered with $1 million primary liability insurance as they ride on his vehicle. The cost of this insurance cover is paid from the cut paid by the driver to his company for each ride performed.
The driver to any of these companies has to receive good remarks from his customers and for this purpose Uber/Lyft has implemented a scoring system for the users of their app to leave feedback and share their experiences.

How to get started with Lyft and Uber:

In order to get started Uber/Lyft drivers from all over the world have to visit their respective websites and fill in an application form for the inspection of their vehicle and checking their background as currently they are expanding their services globally.

You can work with other rideshare companies even if you are working under contract with Uber/Lyft as actually you are an independent contractor with any of these companies.

Can Uber Or Lyft make Substantial Money?

Moreover, Uber/Lyft drivers can earn handsome wages while working as per their own schedule. You can choose your working hours flexibly while working with any of these rideshare companies. You can easily attend big events of your life by taking time off as and when required.

You can intimate your respective company when you are available to share ride by using their mobile app. You can turn off your app accessibility if you are sick of driving or too busy in some other important work.

You can make as much money through Uber/Lyft as you can as you are free to schedule your availability for rideshare. In order to compare it with average salary of chauffeurs and drivers you can match the statistics of Bureau of Labour with that of the Uber executive. As per bureau average hourly rate of a driver in 2013 was $10.98 whereas according to the executive one can earn up to $74,000 annually for working 40 hours a week with Uber or Lyft.

A phone mount for car: Holding your Smartphone in hand while driving can be risky for you as well as your passengers. So instead of putting it on the floor or a cup holder in your car you should have a phone mount on your dashboard so that you can keep an eye on it along with driving safely.

An auxiliary cord for music: Sometimes your customers may like to play the music of their choice while riding with you. In such condition you must have a long auxiliary cord so that it can reach up to the passengers sitting on the back seat of your car.

A spare android or iPhone charger: The Uber/Lyft drivers should also have a spare android or iPhone charger in their vehicle as you as well as your customers are using Smartphone which may need recharging even on the way.

Water: You can be appreciated by your passengers for your nice behavior if you are able offer them water when it is very much needed.

A kindle or book: It can help you in passing your time, between two rides, creatively. You can read the book on your kindle instead of wasting time in checking your inbox again and again.

Sunglasses: They can help you driving throughout the day comfortably.

Some other things that an Uber/Lyft driver must have with him while driving include a pack of paper towels, a paper pad and a pen.


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