UBER and LYFT: Don’t over work yourself. You will stress out.

Try not to drive yourself into stress…..

My day by day work ethnic to $800 – $1,000

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  1. you are so real. i love it. thank you. i'm feeling down about this. i havent reached past $50 an outing yet. Then i'm worn out. "stay your butt home." LOL. — and what about this no tipping…..You have more precious cargo in your trans and people don't tip… but they'll tip to transport food. go figure.

  2. Real talk man. Before I left for Disney last week I felt the same way. I was like F uber. Especially when my Rating dropped. Now im back from Vacation charged up. Gonna killm this weekend. Good vid my man

  3. how do you handle the same mother effin questions EVERY ride? "How long you been driving for uber?", "Do you like it?", "Do you make good money?", "What's your worst story?", "Do you do this full time or part time?", etc etc. I get so damn tired of these questions especially the personal ones like do I like it or am I full time or part time. It's none of their damn business! Are they gonna tell me what the hell they do for a living and how much they make???? I didn't think so, so why am I required to tell them my personal shit, well I'll tell you why it's one word: RATING. And that really pisses me off sometimes man