UBER and LYFT – Fights, Robberies, Arguments, Savage 2017

Just last weeks of 2017 uploaded video’s of savage drivers and passengers. Arguments, fights and robberies. Uber and lyft fights.



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  2. I find it hilarious when the Uber dude was in a fight the women go out in the help and the pussy man sit in the car with the cameras thinking they should cancel the ride.
    are there any men left in this fucking country at all?

  3. if it was me, with my tactical knife always by my side, that robber would have found himself slashed and stabbed a hundred times with my Kali Philippino expertise!! I wish the ending of that video had the driver running the thief over killing him!!

  4. See, I am black and really pissed at what happened to that poor white man. Not of all us are scum. But Jesus man, if that were to happen to me, I'd fucking run that cocksucker's ass over. I mean the guy was slowly walking away… Run his ass over, and then back up and make sure the job was done right!