Uber and Lyft Mentor series chasing surges and Primetime. What to do and not to do. Maximize profits

In this video I give a description of how to use the Surge and Prime Time maps to your advantage and avoid frustration. I will explain when it is best to chase a surge and when it is best to avoid. I welcome any feedback and especially people that can give me more inside information since I have only been doing this 2 months at this point. I hope you find this helpful!

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  1. For what it's worth. thanks for sharing. I know you struggled to be your own boss and moving, etc… I appreciate your contributions. I've learned a lot from you. Maybe you can do some more vids on wellness… if you're healthy youre wealthy. If the problem can be solved with cash… it's not really a problem.

  2. be at the surge zones BEFORE they heat up. cherry pick the rides you want. there is timing.. people are ritualistic. auto 1 star any min fare rides to weed out the grocery store, fast food employees and Wal-Mart runs. help the community.