Uber and Lyft morning driver tips

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  1. yeeees preach sister, from a school bus, uberlyft driver, you are very on point with just basic driving. If you are rideshare driving or a cdl driving you are the professional and you need drive as such. a proud cdl,uber, lyft drive is a safe driver.

  2. as long as you are on Uber or lyft platform the policy covers your car and any claims will be filed by Uber or Lfyt .. If you are going incorporate your business as LLC then you need to establish an entity but relating to Uber or Lyft..that like a person double dipping…If the claim is against Uber/lfyt while in the car the 1 million dollars is against them however if going to operate your own driving or delivery service then you do an LLC..but check your insurance policy for your car and home..Think of it like this ..If I was performing a delivery and I go someone house and I feel in someone yard because they cant turn on the lights I will file a claim against homeowner for medical and any damages that occur against me but if I was driving on Uber time, I can also file a claim against Uber as well but we all signed an waiver that it handle through arbitration ..but I would be careful about registration of LLC for car because then you would have to pay expensive car insurance and it is not cheap !! But good points…also check out my Tax Tuesday video that I launch today ,,still working on content but comment on my video as well

  3. Those are some good instructions. Good tips. I try to give about 3 cars worth of difference when I'm driving behind a car. Your right about being behind a truck. A guy told me, while I was sitting in my van on break, that I should start a transportation service. (I use to be a shuttle van driver for the airport. He thought I had clientele. I didn't.) If your up to it one day, could you go into more detail about a LLC. I don't know why I get a little confused when it comes to llc's,Inc, etc.