UBER and LYFT – Tip and Techniques

Giving my UBER and LYFT driving experience techniques.

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Tips and Techniques #2


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  1. Here's a few tips that can help as well… *(mostly to make the Uber driver work smarter not harder, not necessarily for better $)

    1) When you're out there just after a drop off or just online waiting for the next trip… get in the far left lane so you can either make a left turn or a U-turn when light turns green. 2 options are always better than one when needing to go to the next place.

    2) When driving at night keep the dome light (cabin light) in the middle position. Some people don't and it's important that passengers getting into your car can see where they're sitting as well as when they leave they have better idea of knowing if they have everything so they don't have to contact you for anything they may lose after being dropped off.

    3) Have the music always on but on a low to medium listening level. Helps alleviate any possible awkward silences of new riders who aren't quite sure of Uber and allows for a more comfortable ride (of course have nice good soothing tunes on).

    4) Make sure you're Uber logo emblem is on the "UPPER" right portion of window…. usually it doesn't matter, a lot of people keep it at the bottom right. But having it on the top, when you're in traffic and bumper to bumper it's easier to see to part of cars easier than anywhere else and people will come to you for their ride instead of you having to look for them.

    5) I did this maybe too late but better late than never…. I got business cards made up for myself. You'll be surprised who you meet who you may want to talk to again or stay in contact with. I don't put my phone number on it but I put my email and it looks professional. I've handed out many cards and made more contacts than I thought and it's amazing how much of a bigger network of people I have and the people I know. They say it's who you know…. well driving for Uber is one good bridge to that.

    6) Talk when you can. No not forced like when they're tired or just on their phone or if it's more than one passenger having a conversation with the other… but small talk that occurs when picking them up and little here or there (especially on a long trip) equates to better ratings for me than if I didn't talk much.

    7) Having cold water on hand HELPS. I know a lot of people aren't pro handing out waters especially since having to have ice… well, DON'T have ice. Use those blue liquid Freez Pak's, throw a couple of those and have small waters. I used to think bigger waters were better value, who wants a little one right? Well carrying 10 little ones is better than 10 large ones which is more of a hassle. Also if they're small and want more, just give them another one…. no issue with water size cause you can just give them another.

    8) Tired of having to wash your car all the time? Well this helps more if your car's black or a dark color…. JUST DON'T. My point? Just clean the windows really well. Unless your cars REALLY filthy lol. But if your car's not too bad looking and your windows are clean, the whole car will look clean because of the windows.

    9) Regarding the issue with a passenger wanting to go to more than one destination. You could say you're tired and that this is your last trip and you just want to go home… but I just tell them I can't because Uber requests come in now during last couple miles of a drop off and if I don't accept them it goes against me. Works 100%. Well for me.

    10) Having tissues and AUX cable, and obviously charger cables goes without saying but KNOW that if you don't have something one of the passengers want (a broken cable, lost cable, out of gum, no android charger), it will definitely not give you a good rating. Make sure you know this and don't OFFER any medicine, even asprin or cough drops or things that seem helpful because you don't know the passengers medical history. You're a driver, not their doctor.

    * Yes I went into extreme detail with this and your eyes probably hurt a lot lol… but I wanted to take all your time and waste it… j/k. Just wanted to mention more tips to make your Uber driving life easier and make a better rider experience for all.