Uber and Lyft Tips and Tricks

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  1. I just purchased your driving school program and I'm almost done with the first series already, great stuff so far…in your video about driving with more then one company you talk about getting requests when your waiting for someone at there destination who wants to do a round trip. I have 2 tips that have helped me out, you can either 1. Have the passenger change the end destination back home so the company doesn't see you as close to your ride end so you don't have to refuse people or 2. If you don't want to ask them to do that or they can't figure it out or whatever you can click on the top right button for the waybill and press don't except any more rides, it essentially takes you offline then when you complete the trip it asks you if you want to go online or stay off.

    I figured this out after a long night and had to refuse a few rides before I could go offline.

  2. Hello, Sorry I have already signed up for Uber 2 months ago, I wish I could have signed up under you, however I have enjoyed your videos! 🙂 You mentioned a diffusser for your car…I would like to get one too.