UBER and LYFT: What I DO NOT as a driver

The things I DO NOT do while driving UBER and LYFT. Driving for UBER and LYFT these are things. I do not do anymore. I may have done them in the pass. But as a UBER and LYFT driver. I have learned to cut down on some off the things.


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  1. You are the most honest person making Uber/ Lyft videos. Even if I don't agree it's a thumbs up for honesty and different perspective. Not just drivers, but riders deserve and need to know the truth.
    I also feel a lot better about making the changes to pulling off with disrespectful waiting (when u can see them) now after seeing this. They are most often the ones with minimum rate fees and 0 tip. The disrespectful riders are usually ones with the unreasonable expectations that 9 out of 10 will never give 5 stars either. I have to add that women drivers get the most disrespect. I would say 80% of my experience would never have happened if u were the driver. The drunk flirting type uncomfortable to say the least. As a man do you what are your protective measures? Do you carry a knife, pepper spray, taser… And would you give any different advice to a woman? Could you do a video on this subject?

  2. I had some ladies ask if they should use Uber or taxi to get to the strip. I said uber will be less expensive and a more comfortable ride. They said oh let's use this uber pool it's really cheap! I said "uh I would urge you to use uber x as the pool will partner you up with others and it might take 15 minutes at least to get a driver that will except it.! Got your back TT…??

  3. I did an Uber pool run. I already had a young lady in my car. We are on our way onto the highway and dammit, here comes the 2nd rider. We basically had to jump off at the next exit and go back to the area where I picked her up. I pull up to the address and see two big, grown men waiting for me. Now mind you, one dude was average size. However, the other passenger was huge…I mean big in weight and stature. I'm thinking to myself, "This big mfr is not gonna try to fit in my little ass car (Nissan Versa Note)". LOL. The first passenger hopped from the back seat to the front. So, the two of them were in the back seat. Man, when I say that my car dropped like a hot potato when he sat down, i'm not exaggerating. My car was struggling to accelerate and maintain speed. Before dropping them off at a restaurant (they were in the service biz) the big dude asked his friend if he could run to Potbelly to get him some cookies before clocking in. I'm thinking, "He's gonna drop a couple of dollars on those cookies and I bet he won't tip as a gesture of appreciation for being allowed to squeeze into my car"! I dropped them off first. They got out and guess what, no tip. I should've used your technique and cracked the window and said his name and once he confirmed, peeled off. My pull off game is about to be tight too, for real.

  4. Regarding not having emblems (trade dress) in your windows, be careful man. I read that that can be a hefty fine if you are caught in an accident/incident or something without it. I also would suggest you go online and order the ones that have suction cups so you can easily add/remove them. But i agree, the uber emblem is an eye sore.

  5. A couple things. Why just pull off? I would've explained to them that I can only take as many people as there are seatbelts in the car. That means 4, no more. If they want more they will need to call a 2nd driver, it's their choice. The way I see it, you lost some potential money. And I hope you don't run into those passengers again, cause they will be pissed. This is the kind of stuff that makes riders disrespect Uber drivers man. Bad move.