Uber Announces In-App Tipping & Many Other Features

Over the next 180 days, Uber will be making some big changes for their drivers. After years of drivers complaining, Uber FINALLY announces that they will have in-app tipping. As well as some other features that will make drivers jobs less stressful and help them earn more money.

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  1. I only do uber eats and received the email. will uber eats drivers be able to get tips now?? also for referrals we can cash out instally? I got a referral done yesterday but can't cash out til next monday. thank you

  2. didnt they have tipping before. but as a passenger you had to select gratuity under payments by percentage and it would pay the same to all rides. i hadnt ridden with uber in a while and see that it is gone and was like hmm i wonder about tipping but seems seems s tupid to have to have cash and tip since its cashless so i just never tipped. im a great passenger and see my rating dropped to 4.86 i wonder if its because i never tip now?

  3. This is the way to go. So as far as customers getting used to not tipping, how will that play out? Will they at least know that they can tip now or do we have to tell them to tip on the app after the trip? Maybe it's a good idea to still have tip signs just to keep it planted in their head.

    Constantine, I saw a tip sign on a tour bus in Chicago. It read: ''Gratuity is an Important Part of our Income.''