Uber Booking Fee Increase: What It Means For Drivers

RSG Contributor Jon K discusses last month’s booking fee increase, and its implications for Uber drivers.

Harry’s post about the increased fee: http://therideshareguy.com/uber-increases-booking-fee-and-effective-commission/

The Real Commission That Uber Takes From Its Drivers (2016…


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  1. Uber and Lyft are the same! Both evil and cheap greedy ass! Uber cut fares, Lyft does the same! So you know in the future Lyft will change there booking fee too! Can't wait for other rideshares to come and expand and take place of these idiots!

  2. that bs they give us about you get more rides is bs, i don't care about more rides it is miles driven with a butt in the seat that matters. 33% rate cut means I have to "find" another ride going half the distance of the last ride to be where I was before the cuts. Maybe if kalanick quit playing with Hookers and ridiculous dreams of self driving cars they wouldn't be losing so much money and wouldn't need to increase their booking fees.

    When someone puts a pepsi machine next to a coke machine the guys from coke don't slash the price on their machine.

  3. Finally a video where someone gets it. Uber doesn't take only 20%-25%, after the book fee Ubers commission is around 40% of what the customer paid. Booking fee is nothing more than Uber wanting more money and the driver not having rights to a cut of it. I wish a local or federal regulation would force Uber to advertise and market with their actual commission rather than hiding their greed behind fragmented line items on a invoice.

  4. How can I restart my process with Lyft? They have turned me down a couple times they claim I failed the mentor session. I thought there would be a way to get a second chance since I did nothing wrong other than having a cracked windshield. I told the mentor i would get it fixed.

  5. They don't call it a "safety fee" any more because Uber can no longer legally claim to be safer than any other form of transportation since they lost the law suit. The background checks are worthless and they aren't paying any more for them than they did before. Yet your going to take the hit on the overhead and let Uber take more.

  6. I for one do about 10% of my rides with uber. because of their behavior they have already lost so many rides from me, every day. And if it's me doing this, I imagine it is with everybody who is driving for Uber. They are probably making 10 to 20% of what they could because of their stupid tactics period just like a big dumb government . you lose Uber!

  7. just one more way that Uber is evil. That's why I always do Lyft and I only use Uber if I can't get a request from Lyft. Uber gets about 10% of my rides. They are so stupid to try to screw us this way. They are going to lose in the long run which probably won't be very long from now

  8. Uber is a bunch of crooks, Every chance I get I try to drive only when there a surge more than 2.0x or higher, The fares for Minimum rides is a joke and should be illegal, I'm using up my resources and giving away cheap rides, I need to forget uber and drive more lyft and do deliveries.

  9. the only benefit for the driver that I can see from this rays, is that since the passenger will be paying more per se, that will make it easier to get past the minimum fare fee and actually make more money.