Uber CEO Audio Leak: Travis Kalanick and Dara Khosrowshahi

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  1. Hey ? Uber Man I have a question can you make a video on if you could only choose 1 ride share company which one would you choose. Give the ups and downs of uber and lyft compare the amount you make and tell us which one is the best.maybe you can also explain why you use both its advantages and the tricks you use from your experience to make the most money ?.

  2. Funny he doesn't adress the problems with company and how he gonna make them better he carrys on about how he got job and funny he had to be convinced to take job sounds like he good guy but wrong person for job and how travis is still being the pupetery of company

  3. Robots replacing humans. What I hear is "We don't need no stinking humans." Maybe robots can transport robot and use their robot bitcons and talk on FaceTime while they starve humans to death. Drivers DO NOT MATTER TO UBER. Us drivers here in Houston have received NO ASSISTANCE from Uber during this horrendous hurricane. They haven't even checked on us. Support said that over was support said that over was reaching out to us I haven't received a phone call nor have any of my 200 something Friends of the airport. They don't give a damn about drivers. If they want to fix this company that's where they need to start they need to come out and talk to us and I don't mean those Hub employees either I mean the top people

  4. It sounds like they recorded and leaked what they wanted us to hear and its not a personal conversation. Sounds like they were addressing the staff or investors. In the end I don't think the problem was Travis or uber, those greedy investors that press for more money and they don't care how they get it they'll squeeze it from anywhere to get their money back