Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Jumps Driver over Rates

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  1. It's the driver's fault. Read through the terms and conditions of the platform you intend to use. Uber as a company shouldn't be responsible for the driver's ignorance. Uber is a company who's objective is to profit. If they can decrease their bottom and/or top line to have a greater profit they are going to do so.

  2. I'd like to see one video where they show how the IRS and corporate lobbyist and TLC(taxi and limo commission) are funding attacks by the media n undisclosed persons to force companies to implement unnecessary regulations just to make more money

  3. Recently purchased a new car. The agency I work for has cut my hours. I signed up with Uber. I want to work part time with Uber and part time as an LVN doing shift work. Lets see what happens. . Uber will not be my sole source of income. As for this video, thank you, eye opening. Butthere is an old saying, don't put all of your eggs in one basket.

  4. Real talk brother. I agree with u and both play a part. Its like the perfect combination. Someone desperate who took a gamble. And the other was a crooked business man who lured ppl into the company so he can get rich off their sacrifice. There definitely needs to b a change. It should start with the way the company views us and treats us. Without us they dont make money!

  5. Don't blame the driver man….Not cool.  I own a company which affords me the ability to be an Uber driver on the side.  A lot of drivers don't have that option.  Uber lied to all of us drivers.  Yes, some drivers placed all their eggs in the Uber basket and got burned.  We live and learn….

  6. I'm more sorry that Kalanick suffered for being real. I appreciate cheap prices from Uber. And to the guy in the top comment right now, who the fuck wants to spend $100 to go home. Get a college education. Fuck off. Uber prices are great.

  7. last year I bought a vehicle. The market here wasnt saturated with drivers yet. So it payed well! $5000.00 vehicle could've been payed off in a few months. ride request were none stop 24/7 I know I tried different hours. I've worked them all. and the slow times here last year,still had more business than the average day at the commercial company I came from. ..FYI If you stay in debt..or the more you owe the company/companies harder youll work harder, work longer,because your goals are higher…therefore the company make more off you end goal is hire. In bookings. by the end of your shift.

  8. I made my own tip sign by looking at all the signs online and taking the best statements of each, I laminated and recommend all drivers do it, I went from making 2.00 or maybe I'd get lucky and get a 5.00 tip to my best day was 70.00 around 2 weeks ago to almost 20.00 to 30.00 on average, today I made around 40.00.

  9. Anyone in the states having a problem with law enforcement when they ride share? New Jersey is coming down hard on us. A Elizabeth NJ cop gave me a ticket two weeks ago for not having a taxi permit. He told me Uber is suppose to be letting their drivers know about this. I had no idea. I contacted Uber and they got me in touch with one of their lawyers. She said this is happening more
    and more in NJ. She also said that Uber is not responsible for any permits that drivers need to get because we are independent contractors. I hope l come out of this ok. Beware NJ drivers! For the most part Uber is providing legal representation for the court appearance that is required.Uber Man can you please do a vid on this topic?

  10. One day all drivers will unite and boycott uber. Customers don't make the company, the drivers do! What good is uber without any drivers? They say uber is to big to fail, but they also said the same to MySpace.

  11. Why is this even an argument?
    The guy was bitching at his boss basically for how he runs his business.
    Who the fuck is that guy ?
    Does anyone realize the shit that Travis guy had to go through to get that business off the ground ?!
    Bunch of whiny bitches