UBER CEO Travis Kalanick was filmed in a HEATED Argument with a Driver

Subscribe Bro ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNLWoNjMM1lM7Gokk7Broag?sub_confirmation=1 Uber CEO Travis Kalanick was filmed in a heated argument with a driver who took him home in San Francisco on Super Bowl Sunday.
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‘Bull s***!’ Embattled Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is caught on camera lashing out at one of his own drivers who told him no one in the company trusts him.
Travis Kalanick was filmed arguing with an Uber driver in San Francisco.
He shouted ‘bulls***’ as the driver accused him of lowering the price of rides.
‘I’m bankrupt because of you!’ driver Fawzi Kamel fumed at the end of journey.
Kalanick shot back: ‘Some people don’t like to take responsibility for their own s***’.
It adds to a growing list of scandals which have been plaguing the company.
Uber is being sued by Silicon Valley rival Google for stealing its self-driving car technology. Female employees have aired allegations of widespread sexual harassment.
The company is also battling claims that homophobia and racism are rampant.
Kalanick has declined to comment on the video. #CoolVideoBro


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  1. Guy obviously doesn't understand business. Very few companies want to lower prices they do it because they have to because of competitive pressures that's how the market works. If that driver isn't happy with Uber's pricing structure he should work for someone else or start his own ride sharing company where he can. charge what he likes.

  2. Uber is a classic case of screwing your employee… The employee takes all the risk… Buys the car, insurance, and deals with all kinds of crazy customers… The CEO designs the network… Takes no risk and makes all the money…just another common corporate criminal…

  3. My perspective may differ from others but I thought Travis Kalanick was very gracious in staying behind to answer the Uber driver's questions after his 2 other passengers left. Most CEOs won't even acknowledge their employees, let alone answer their questions. Kalanick raised his voice only after the Uber driver harassed him first.

  4. This driver is a piece of shit. "I bancrupt because of you" then why you still driving? Typical entitled middle easterner. Go get another job asshole. If your losing money than quit or go back to Syria

  5. I do not particularly like Kalanick, but in this case he was patient long enough with this douche driver. Kalanick is in this case a paying customer in his own time, about to have a threesome. Give him a break

  6. Uber CEO can't listen to a reasonable real life objector with a point that is inconvenient for this CEOs evening so he yells at the man, offers no valid response after his first meager attempt was refuted, and storms out like the "Bobby Butt-hurt" spoiled child he is. Good luck with your company, I'll walk.

  7. I deal with upset employees some times. Even when they are not seeing the bigger picture or sitting in your shoes, you cannot ever lose your temper or curse or get heated. He should not have gone down that hole, regardless of whether it's being recorded or not. Show a little window into his soul. Uber has done a few shady things to their drivers, btw, and some are understandable while some things are not so cool.

  8. The driver started that shit! Ur a fucking driver telling the CEO how to run some shit he started and turned into a success! U can't blame your boss for ur bankruptcy. Go get yours like he got his! Uber is a side gig, not something you do to support your whole family! Keep looking for something better to support yourself and family!!