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I am a Mikolaj Uber London Ambassador
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On this channel I would like to share my knowledge, experience, teach and train you on how to become successful and professional Uber driver.

I will show you how to maximize your weekly Uber earnings, get the most tips and most importantly, receive the highest Uber driver ratings. I will send you my free video Uber tips and tricks video…

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  1. Hello Mikolaj, i would ask you something: I would like to become a uber driver, I already completed my dbs and medical check, so now I need to apply for the pco license.
    My question is: I live in the U.K. For 2 years and 3 months, do I need the tph/205 (living and working abroad form) or not because when I did the uber ignition they asked me how long I live in the U.K. Where I used to live before and they completed some forms. (I'm a eu citizen)
    Thank you if you will answer.

  2. how to start part time ? even expense are still same plus with uber we have to do long hours kill our back… and in this business you know your income & expense after around 4 months if u do ur book keeping etc. so faar my thinking is due to uber this business is not worth any more