Uber Driver – Raised Rates?

Quick video on the supposed rate increase Uber was saying after the winter months. well, we are all still waiting.

Camera Used – GoPro Hero 3+ Silver

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GoPro Info: http://gopro.com/


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  1. Completely agree to all. I also don't take Uber Pools out of protest. They are a total waste of time for drivers. I also keep waiting for those promised increases to come…. yet another unethical lie told to it's "partners." I would never invite anyone to work for Uber unless they had to as a last resort.

  2. Yeah Uber original email on the Winter Warm-Up fare cuts said temporary.   Well I wonder if all they really care about it the booking fees.  At .90 per mile and .17 per minute in my city.  Fare cuts are killers.  Most rides are under 2 miles.   You can collect a 1.66 on rides all night long.  I've done it, did about 35 rides and made 8 dollars a hour, before gas and expenses.   To bad Uber wasn't more driver friendly.

  3. i thought it was just me.. i recieved many texts saying i cancel too often. well i am NOT driving 10+ minutes away to do a 1 mile fare. im in it to make money! yet another reason uber needs to show destination prior to picking up. lyft does show the destination and hasnt had any problems.