Uber Driverless Cars???? ???

Uber is playing so many games with these Driverless cars! What do y’all think?


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  1. Who's going to be the first one to get in a driverless car when its pouring down rain or on an icy street in Chicago, Detroit, or New York. Talk about making me laugh. And BTW, I'm sure ISIS can't wait for the driverless cars, won't that be fun, the package they forget, sure isn't going to be a laptop.

  2. Google and a company called, Waymo, are suing Uber. The self driving car technology came from Google; one of their employees, before he'd quit, downloaded the technology, started a self driving truck company with the same technology, quit that company, worked for Uber, sold the technology to them and quit.

  3. I will not help nor use services of driverless cars. Mainly because I'm not going to support anything that involves laying people off for this nonsense. I don't use self checkout stations at stores either because the more there used, the more checkout attendants will lose jobs because of this. These companies are quite profitable already to keep their "employees" and not use these services to limit personnel.

  4. For some of us this is just a side way to make money so if it does become successful why would we care we still have our regular jobs but for all the ppl saying that computers are gonna take our jobs need to wake up cause this could happen at any job not just with ppl doing uber or lyft companies will eventually start using computers to replace us period think about it!

  5. what's going to happen when the customer enters a suburb as the destination or a street with no number… I get alooooot of customers who enter a vague destination and I get them where they are going sometimes with reduced safety from their stupidity but I don't see a driverless car being able to deal Witg this

  6. I have a different take on driverless cars. Those people who cost is a factor will use driverless cars. (e.g. UberPool people). The rest will want to pay a premium for a human and generally be better passengers. There will be less riders but the quality will better.

  7. You know Drive Girl, here's what I'm thinking. If everyone had a driverless car, why would they need to take an Uber car anyway? Like for instance if my car had built in driving, then why would I need to order one of Uber's self driving cars? Because the only way self driving cars would work would be if every single car was a self driving car. Therefore, everyone that owned a car would just take their own car..

    Also, driverless cars are a long ways away. Our GPS's aren't even close to perfect. So how can a driverless car be flawless? There's a long process for this kind of technology. So what I want to know is why don't we have more practical technology to keep drivers safe? For instance, why don't we have laws that require every car to have a built in sensor that can sense if you have alcohol in your system? There's so many more things we can do to make driving safe more practical than to take our chances with self driving cars.

  8. You really aren't seeing the writing on the wall. The idea of a pc was a joke in the seventies… When computers were the size of a room and only geniuses could operate them. Also there are lawsuits are limited now uber can afford to straight up murder several people before they will be at any risk of bankruptcy…

  9. Saying that Flawless Driverless cars are the future in less than 5 years is just as crazy as saying a Tip is magically included in an UberPool Fare, just because the fare was paid by credit card.

  10. I don't think the technology is fully vetted and developed yet. Too many variables only a skilled seasoned driver can respond to MUCH faster than the pilotless car can. There's inertia, centrifugal forces and momentum involved. The Driverless car only knows to stop forward motion, I can't see one twisting around an accident that's sliding cars all over the freeway. Or missing an animal sprinting across the road. I don't see it swerving much on it's own just yet. Merely ceasing fwd motion until the camera claims it's ok to proceed. Cecily, ask around, will anyone you know want to ride in one just yet?

  11. I feel like the roads would have to be rebuilt to make automated cars more realistic. Driving today requires way to much "human input" to think that a cpu will do it with no issues. Honestly self driving cars right now is a horribly unsafe idea..

  12. I think the driverless cars is a messed up idea. If company's keep replacing people with robots it will be like that one movie with will smith had a robot arm that took back the company from the evil up grated robots. Not sure of the movie but I think if ain't broke don't keep f$@"ing with stuff