UBER eats: A go or a NO?

Where to drive in Atlanta:

UBER EATS sign on bonus:

My opinion on Uber eats

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  1. Hey Terry,
    I've tried Uber Eats because another rider suggested it and said that there are tips and it surges also.I haven't seen it and I've been expected to climb up flights of stairs because a lot of people don't want to come to your car. I've done food delivery for years before Uber ever started and have also managed a restaurant that did thousands of dollars a week in deliveries. The problems are the same. Customers don't give you enough delivery info to make the transaction smooth and they expect you to know where they are. Pulling up to a gate without a gate code and Appartment building number or letter. Pulling into business parking lots and having to wait till you get there even though the map shows us arriving and notifications is given ahead of time. As a business owner I have to control my controllable and that's time and gas in this industry. I've driven 20 minutes to pick up an order only to have it not ready and waited on it for 6 minutes then delivered it 11 minutes to the customer only to get a thank you and a measly $6. That was on a Friday night while bars are just to be letting out. This and the time it take to find parking in some areas especially downtown ATL makes this a thumbs down ?? for me. There should at least be a tip line for Uber Eats because of the extras we're being ask to do for it. If I just wanted to stretch my legs, I'll do that at Quick Trips or any other gas station. Thanks for your videos.

  2. I do Postmates. How does UberEats stack with Postmates? I'm not really sure about doing delivery without getting tipped at all. Tips make food delivery worth it. Without tips it's not worth it to do food delivery unless it's surging