Uber Gets An F? ….how About Lyft?

With recent scandals in the news, everyone has asked me how I feel about Uber. I thought to take this challenge further to see how other people feel about Uber, via the better business bureau!

PS – I looked up Lyft too!

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  1. Just started driving for UBER so its too early for me to form an opinion. I will say many people will go out of their way to complain but almost no one goes out of their to complement or give a good rating on the better business bureau. I bet a more accurate rating for UBER would be a D – .

  2. I hate UBER with a passion they screw everyone riders and drivers. The rating system is so stupid. The UBER driver's only job is to pick up at the location drop off at the destination. These riders pay dirt cheap rates for their travel and expect a limo ridealong with services rendered meaning stop at the store, help unload, unless your disabled or elderly I stopped doing that. Finally tipping the majority do not tip. As for the riders this is a convenient and great concept pick them up drop them off UBER even screws them with surge pricing. I can relate to the hate from both sides.

  3. An F grade…Wow..that's bad, but not surprising.

    We now have the Holder report, and some recent firings, amid news about Uber's inner turmoil and chaotic administration, and ongoing lawsuits.

    Uber actually needs somebody like me, or you to make policy changes, and this is probably why the last COO left after less than six months, after probably being blocked by the controlling CEO from making any positive changes.

    As a driver, I am proud of the way I treat the passengers, and I have a 4.9 rating after nearly 4,000 rides to back that up, along with a ton of nice notes from the passengers.

    Uber could do a lot more to make the passenger's and driver's experiences better, but they refuse to really take concrete steps, such as a tipping feature for the drivers, and good, easy to reach customer service for both passengers and drivers.

    Many riders, and Uber Eats clients have asked me how they can tip, and I have to point out that they cannot tip using the app.

    It seems as if Uber will not even allow the riders or Uber Eats clients to make their own decisions about tipping, and instead control what they can do, despite any feelings the passengers may have to the contrary.

    I think one of the main things that Uber could do to show good faith to the drivers is to add the tipping feature, and by not doing that, they continue to show that they have control issues, and that the driver's financial success is not really important to Uber.

    The refusal to add the tipping feature has been blocked by Travis Kalanick from the start, based upon some misguided principle, or idiosyncrasy that he has in his head about tipping.

    I say, Travis, stop controlling people, and leave the decision up to each individual!

    More evidence of the controlling nature of Kalanick and Uber, is the basically stupid and inefficient way that ride requests are presented to the driver.

    When a ride request comes in to the driver app the driver sees the pick up location (if they can actually decipher the map view in 15 seconds or less), the distance to the pick up, the passenger rating, and the type of ride, i.e. Uber X, Pool, etc.

    The driver never sees the destination until they actually arrive at the pick up location, and start the ride.

    So when the driver arrives and starts the ride, then, and only then does he/she know the destination, which may be somewhere that the driver does not want to go, for various reasons.

    So what happens when a destination is not one that is located in the direction that the driver wants to go?…the driver apologizes, make an excuse, and cancels, thus needlessly delaying the passenger, and the driver.

    Some drivers call ahead of time so as to ascertain the destination, and again, may cancel if the destination is not the direction, or place that they want to go.

    I usually never cancel, unless it is just way too inconvenient for me to take the ride, but I am still not pleased with having to do this, and only do it so as to accommodate the passenger.

    Most passengers that I have spoken with think that the drivers know the destination ahead of time, but I have to set them straight.

    Again, by not simply revealing the destination to the driver ahead of time, Uber is responsible for many cancellations, which could simply be avoided by allowing the drivers to see the destination ahead of time, so then the driver could simply either accept or decline the ride.

    Better for the driver, as they won't accept a trip that they don't want, and better for the passenger, as they will not receive a cancellation, and thus a delay.

    Uber also again tries to negatively control drivers, and threatens them with suspension or deactivation if their cancellation rate is too high.

    Again, Travis, stop the controlling behavior, and instead show the destination ahead of time, and reward positive behavior such as a low cancellation rate with a bonus.

    By the way, the directional ride requests used to show the destination, but no more, and I have actually received ride requests that are going in the opposite direction of my request, and many times going sideways.

    E.g. I request a ride going north, and I get rides going east, west, NE, NW, and south.

    Sometimes, and to be fair to Uber, I do get great rides by using this feature, in the exact direction that I want to travel, but also many time I do not.

    However, again, Uber screws up this feature, as directional ride requests expire after an hour or so, which seems stupid to me, especially when you have taken a passenger way out of your normal territory, and just want to get back home, which may take several hours or so.

    I could go on, but you already touched on customer service for passengers, and for that matter a driver being able to speak with someone in CS, but you, and everyone else who drives for Uber get what I am saying.

    Now that Kalanick is gone for awhile, and the Holder report has been released, and the swamp has been drained somewhat by the recent firings, perhaps there will be positive changes, but I still think that there will be resistance until Kalanick is gone for good!

  4. OMG!!! LOL! I forgot about them! (BBB) that is awesome! F~Uber!!!! has a whole new meaning! jajajajajaja!! I'm loving this, it's the best thing I've heard all day! and OMG!!! LYFT!!! I LOVE YOU!!! Thanks for sharing sister!

  5. wish it was that way with me, everytime somebody wants me to talk about it, they tune out after the first sentence. we all have like a 400 page file on these companies in our head, but everybody wants some simple 4 word response..

    If I asked somebody about the banking sector, they're not gonna give me a simple response. life is nuanced and complex, people are idiots… humbug, life.

  6. It's a real shame that people have such negative reviews of uber. rightfully they should too, I'm irritated myself that they don't have a proper channel to complain or discuss in real time an issue that could easily be resolved with a call center. I really like the uber platform and uberEATS personally, and although habe had a better experience. hope they fix it