UBER Hertz Rental Car, How Much I Earned In A Week And Month

Check out this video to see how much I earned while renting from Hertz and driving with Uber. I also provide info on rental car programs and some tips!
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My earnings spreadsheet: http://bit.ly/2gxWJ80

100% Free Stride Drive Mileage & Expense Tracking App (aff): https://stride.app.link/VUfYzhrs4w

Uber Hertz program details: https://www.hertz.com/rentacar/misc/index.jsp?targetPage=UberFAQs.jsp

Uber Hertz cities and reservations:

0:01 Welcome & Intro To Hertz Uber Rental Program
3:14 My Earnings – Uber Driver App
7:13 Earnings Spreadsheet
9:36 Reasons To Rent
10:44 Tips & Info Before You Rent
14:47 Contact Info & New Driver Signup Info

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Comment (46)

  1. I just signed up for to become a uber driver yesterday and still waiting for my background to go through. I'm serious looking into renting a car instead of using my personal which is a 2015 Toyota Corolla. I love my car but unfortunately going to the mall or work people have ding my car doors. I'm nervous and excited getting into uber hopefully it will work out.

  2. I'm really interested in renting for either Uber or Lyft to see how it goes. Just moving and getting out of a 5yr relationship.. so I can definitely work a lot. Im about 45 minutes outside of Pittsburgh Pa. In the Aliquippa and Beaver county are. Hope it's not too far outside. If I can make 500$ a week. Every week. I can get by.

  3. You said you can see what "specials" are going on in all cities? How does that work? How do I look that up? I'm in Houston , TX. Seems we never have any specials going on here, or Boost that I know of. What say you?

  4. Hi, thank you for the video, I need some guidance. I am a single mom of three, I rent my car through enterprise. I make a good $500 a week on an average. I love driving. I would like to know what hours you work, were you sit etc. I would and need to make the kind of money you are making. I live in the San Bernardino area, however I have come down to Los Angeles to drive. I am thinking I am doing so-meting wrong. I pay $241 for the car. We do have Boost in the LA County but it just seems when there is a boost there isn't alot of ridders and alot of drivers out. How do I take advantage of the boost offers out?

  5. Sir this is a bit Off Topic. When you rented a car from Hertz through Lyft's Express Rental Program. You just paid a deposit of $50 right? S o when you got the car from Hertz you didn't pay any other amount over the counter? Thanks. Sorry for the off topic.

  6. Does your car insurance know you're ridesharing, or using your car for commercial purposes?

    I'm just asking cause my insurance found out, not that I was keeping it a secret, just didn't know it would be an issue since Lyft has their own insurance. Unfortunately now they want to kick me off. smh

  7. Thanks for this great informational video. Very helpful and gives me some insight as to what it takes. I want to learn everything I need to know before I get into the business. I am planning on buying a second car to dedicate it to the business and since I know how to perform all basic maintenance it would safe me lots of money both by not paying rental or basic maintenance services. Your spread sheets is a great idea as it'll be a great way to know when I made or lost money. – Hello from Chaska Minnesota

  8. I was reading up on the Lyft rental, they charge for personal miles used. So trying to do both Lyft and Uber at the same like most drivers are doing, might be possible, but you'll be paying for the personal miles every time you turn off the Lyft app to pick up an Uber customer. That's my theory anyway. The car may not even be approved to use for both Rideshares, because it's a rental.

    Anyway, my question: since the personal miles are free on the Uber rental and if you're paying for the rental anyway, can you do Lyft also?