Uber How To: Use Google Maps Efficiently Tips and Tricks while driving for Uber

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In today’s update, I give some pointers on how to find your passengers using Google Maps GPS, and some tips and tricks!

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  1. Only once has Google Maps crapped out on me, thank God I had just dropped off my passenger. Some of my riders will text me their exact location, store location, but most seem to just think dropping a pin will take me to their exact location. Frustrating, and the suburbs behind the shopping centers and highways are frustrating as well here on the East Coast. Thanks for the video, be safe and Uber on.

  2. Damn that happens in the downtown san jose neighborhood. With them streets that there back yard is facing. Luckily most passengers i got were cool to give me a heads up on how to navigate and they use their neighbors address across ghe Street lol thanks for the helpful stuff mike Always appreciated bro!