Uber in-app Tipping – How’s it Working for you?

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Comment (31)

  1. Getting tipped in Phoenix. about 20 % of the time. Not much. Airport service is the least, where I put bags in the trunk and take them out, but no tip for that service 90 % of the time. It will take time for customers to change and better marketing from Uber to change the perception.

  2. Uber Announces In-App Tipping, so what does it mean for us? Absolutely nothing! Uber has been
    promoting no tipping for such a long time that they got almost every
    rider used to not tipping, so they're not. Uber fucked us over again…
    and what is this 70cents per mile bull shit fare here in Miami?

  3. Uber in Rochester NY is here, we finally got out of the dark ages. Tipping through the app is happening and also getting the kind that folds as well : ) Not a whole lot but I think tipping on the app is catching on because, I see more tips on the app than the old school way. Also, being a new Uber driver, I'm discovering passengers that fake it as well (interesting). I rather have them not tip than to lie about it.

  4. I'm in Denver , I drive Uber Eats , and I updated my driver app , but I havent seen any evidence of whether I have received a tip or not , like it dosent even display if I have any tips or zero tips , I honestly don't even know if it is working . The last order I dropped off today the customer was wondering if there was any way to tip besides cash , and I told her she can tip in the app , however , I have not seen any evidence in my app that there was an attempt to tip or not . I am frustrated.

  5. I've been told that I'm one of the best uber drivers in LA, I driver a Mercedes E500, it's in immaculate condition, I provide great service, my rating is 4.92, yet I only made $2. in tips. Oh, I live and Driver in the West Hollywood/BH area.

  6. Got an $80 tip last month in Hollywood from a girl going to Venice. Don't see this ever on Uber but greatly appreciated. As for the in app tipping it sucks I haven't got a dime yet. Uber paxs are too damn cheap.

  7. I'm here in the OC California. I just got my first tip on the app. it was $1 but that's a start. I usually make cash tips and I imaging that once the pax catch on to the app tipping it will get much better.

  8. High end Seattle suburb Executive airport runs: Tesla Mod S


    Base Fare: $2.88
    Distant: $1.98/mile
    Time: $.216/minute

    Uber X:

    Base Fare: $1.01
    Distant: $1.0125/mile
    Time: $.180/minute

    Average 25% tipping at $5 to $10

  9. Charleston SC just got the tipping option. I drove all late night to tonight and can't tell where the tip info is or if I even got any but 3 riders mentioned seeing it tonight/this am. I can't believe how many food and beverage people stiff us here we are a HUGE TOURIST AND COLLEGE town. I am a very easy going and I think safe and fun Uber driver and I'm just shocked that my riders tip on the average of 1 tip per every 9 to 10 rides. I know most of my passengers after the bars close are food and beverage people and they are the worst about not tipping. I understand the college kids not tipping because they are young and only thinking of themselves but the food and beverage people know they should be tipping but don't even though Iipping is how they make their money! it's been burned into all Uber riders mind they're not to tip and it's goona take a while to undo that. until they feel embarrassed not tipping they are going to continue to stiff their drivers

  10. If you would like tips on how to get tipped im more than happy to give advice and no its nothing comical or going to cost you thousands to make a measly 20 bucks a day . One suggestion Offer condoms , offer mini bottles of wine , buy umbrellas at wholesale and give them out or ponchos if your in a theme park area . I recommend putting your uber code and referral code for all rideshare apps on the umbrella , put a 2nd line number you might have ( not your main line ) so you can get repeat calls

  11. Talking about the coming change has produced several tips and several apologies for not having any cash. I can't wait.

    Does anyone have a legit email address for Uber customer service?

  12. The Twin Shities blows. Not only are the Nordic peoples the cheapest Tribe of Whitee on earth, but we’re stuck with all these immigrants who only know how to receive and not give.
    Hipsters are non-tipsters too…..Uber and Lyft need to raise the rates ASAP.

  13. Since a rider cannot tip a driver unless he rates the driver; here is my suggestion for a headrest cover:

    "Please Rate Your Driver"

    Maybe put a small print sentence below it saying, "By rating your driver, you help provide valuable feedback for us to improve service."

    Notice this is classy. You are not begging for five-stars or a tip.

  14. I'm in Houston, I rarely get tips in the app. Uber makes it a hassle for people to tip so I don't see it making much of a difference for the time being. Today for example I got $3 in the app (that's on 9 trips with only 2 tipping in the app) and $15 cash. As long as they don't discourage cash tips I'm happy.