Uber Increases Fares!!!! Thank You Uber!! 2-17-2017 My Birthday!!

We’d all like to thank Uber for the gift of increased booking fees today!! What a great birthday present to me!! #GOUBER #Goober #Rates

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  1. ////Booking fee update////
    As of July, 8, 2017, the booking fee in New Jersey is increasing by $.025 on economy trips like UberX and UberPOOL and by $0.50 on premium trips like UberXL. This change will not impact the amount you receive each trip. Happy Someone's Birthday

  2. ALL UBER drivers should go on strike or quit. Same old story. The DRIVERS are what makes UBER a success. Without the DRIVERS, UBER will fail. If the drivers want to make money, they must stand together and go on strike or quit driving world wide. Then and only then UBER will get the message loud and clear. I have been thinking about driving. I signed up and they did a background check and I was squeaky clean. Now I am interviewing them! What I am finding out is that making decent money for this company is very difficult as of 2017.

  3. I was thinking of getting a used 2011 BMW 335i JUST so I can do Uberselect here in Los Angeles. Is uberselect even profitable? What do you think the best idea would be to do? Because after watching a few of your videos the idea of it kinda turns me off.. thoughts? Hope you had a great birthday bud!

  4. I am going to try working tomorrow because i need some quick cash but i already had quit working for them for a bit now. Uber CEO is right to be friends with Trump, under any other real President Uber would have declare chapter 11 already. They are leeching on the poor people who need money so desperately. It was my birthday yesterday but one of my wishes would be to see Uber and Lyft go down neither company care about the driver in fact Lyft claims to pay drivers more per ride yet when you go cash out there is a ridiculous lyft fee and i done it before, for 200 dollar cash out 125 goes to them and i protested but still that money went to them. Like i said tomorrow cause i need some cash but down with both. This is the true colors of human greed.

  5. fuck man. i lost my main job and as for now uber n lyft is my only source of income. and i swear those shitty 4 dollars i try so hard to void! you want to teach uber a real leason? every single driver rate every person 1 star and be rude as fuck to all. destroy the company that doesnt give a flying fuck about us

  6. You are a great resource, Randy.

    You are gradually learning the realities of the hackney trade. I am confident that, had you known then what you know now, you would have avoided Uber like the plague. As bad as the regulated taxi industry was at the the time, you would have known that increasing the supply of taxis on the road would result in the decimation of each taxi driver's income. The only people unaffected by the flooding of the taxi market would be those who collect a percentage of every ride regardless of how many "sub-contractors" were providing those rides. Fuck. It's simple arithmetic.

    If you would have known then, what you know now, and if you really enjoy driving people around for money, you would have simply ignored Uber's snake oil sales pitch, and applied for a regular taxi driver's license. And you would still be able to employ your awesome entrepreneurial skills on the Internet.

    You didn't understand the true nature of the market you were entering. Maybe you thought you were only screwing those who had put their entire lives into the non-exempt taxi market. Now you are learning that you were screwing yourself too.


  7. I saw that booking fee increase and then like you realized good for Uber bad for me and the riders. I've been with Uber for 2 years and recently added Lyft. I make less now than ever. The other night I did 4 Uber trips and made $15 and 2 Lyft trips and made $48. As far as the driverless cars, that will piss off riders because the car will go to the pin and the riders will have to walk and figure out where the car is. I can't tell you how many times the location of the pin is NOT where the rider is!! Uber On in Chicago!

  8. Last year Uber sent us a message through the app starting with "You spoke, we listened". They explained that they were giving us back the .10 cents per mile they had taken away 4 months prior and raising the minimum rate to over 6 dollars.. They then went on to tell us that, while giving us back the dime, they were also taking away the $1.00 base fee and the Uber fees which had always been charged after the fact were now coming out of the new base fare. Bottom line… I now have to drive over a mile further on each trip to make what I made before their generous gesture. Their Message to use should have read " You spoke, we listened … and STILL found a way to screw you over. Fuck you very much and have a nice day !"

  9. All you have to do is math to realize that you are borrowing money from yourself in the form of a car. The reason no one drives for uber forever is because IT IS NOT a sustainable business model. You get money now. But will pay for it on your next car purchase if you can make the car note

    You choose to drive for a cab service and then complain you don't make any money?
    How often do you here kids say, I want to be a cab driver? Go to schools or find your talent in life. I started a business with $600 to my name three years ago and never looked back. I have no education and only factory work experience. Make your own money and you can't complain about what you get. Make someone else money and you will always be unhappy with the cut