Uber is Accepting CASH in the USA – COLORADO!!! SHARE!!!!!

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  1. This means that now we will have to have a video camera with sound for our protection to prove if we got paid or not. Plus the fake 20's people running off, people trying to rob you, have to have change, to many problems. I'm out!

  2. at 1:35
    Last Saturday night (Jan 22, 2017) I picked up 4 VERY stoned early-mid 20's pax for a 10 mile ride to Bellingham, WA where upon departing one the of the guys demanded paying with cash and asked how much. I said whatever you want… thinking it was only a tip (tips are rare up here), but I found out it was for his fare, not a tip.

    Well, were not in cash yet and so he just forcefully gave me what he thought the ride should cost, then gave me a 1 star!!!!

    This completely blows and I promptly reported this to Uber, which of course has generated 76 emails NONE OF WHICH even come close to responding to my responses or the rider cash payment issue and expectations!

    Ubers dumnbass replies are all about saying how the Rider Rating system is so advanced and perfect there can't possibly be any issues with it, therefore I must have deserved a 1…. which of course has nothing to do with the sobriety issues and forcing cash on me instead of the credit card.


  3. I don't drive for Uber but use the service often as a passenger. I think it is a bad idea because for one I don't use cash and I think it's a safety issue for both the driver and passenger. So many things can go wrong.

  4. All these people saying they wont risk there lives because they are afraid they will get robbed now are plain ignorant. You are WAY more likely to get hurt or die from driving your car on daily basis than the chances of getting robbed. Especially if you are driving the night hours when all the drunks are out driving. Has a cab driver ever got robbed? Of course. Has a cab drive ever died while being robbed? Yes, but I have never heard of it happening in my city let alone is it something that happens a lot. Do you know someone that has died just by driving on a daily basis??? I know of a few people personally and you see stories all the time on the news of people dying in car crashes. If you want a job that is very low risk, driving uber or lyft is about the farthest thing from a safe job. Does having the cash option add a little risk to this rideshare business? Of course. but you were already taking a bigger risk of harm by driving on a daily basis for minimum wage.

  5. Just started with Uber and it seems they are trying desperately to shoot themselves in the foot. Basically ifyou get stiffed by the pax thats just lest Uber has to pay you . And if they reimburse ,how will it take for them to say .OK we not doing it this time. Someone got a new position at Uber ,and is trying to please the company by making a new idea without a lot of thought put into it .No need to re invent the wheel.

  6. I would absolutely agree that this can be dangerous in most markets. Someone posted this excellent article:


    "Uber drivers have the option of using or declining to use the cash system."

    I am very interested to see if this sticks as it goes around. Also, the driver DOES NOT GIVE CHANGE, it is given back via PayPal. Of course non the less you at some point will be carrying cash since you take it. Honestly, as long as it becomes an option I don't care, let the dumb people get robbed and Uber will retract their decision, maybe. However, as pointed out, if I see that it is a cash run, I'm not accepting, even if I'm driving in Aspen.

  7. That's one of the reasons I can drive for Uber is because it's cashless.There's no way I'm driving around with large amounts of cash on me. Maybe we will have a choice of taking cash calls or not taking them? Have an ID that says "Driver carries no cash" if we opt out? I hope so!

  8. How many drivers are going to say they didn't get paid when they did? How many passengers will say they paid when they didn't? What if the driver refused to carry change? Passenger forfeits the change? Or driver forfeits the fare? This is bad bad bad. I got a survey on this a couple months back, told Uber I absolutely would NOT ACCEPT cash fares.

  9. Hi again … UBER is testing 42 different programs in the US and Cash is one of them … UBER Beacon is another in 4 markets (surprised your not bitching about not having one, they're cool). Once again you make a video bitching about UBER and yet you show off a Mustang that you're paying for in UBER Blood Money.

  10. I've been ubering (note:lower case a.k.a. taxi driving) since the 1970's. Until recently, it was almost all cash. In that timeframe, I've had numerous runners and, maybe two counterfeit bills. As I gained experience, I was able to minimize the frequency of non-payments. It was a cost of doing business.

    It amuses me to see this publicly educated younger generation of uber drivers get all sweaty and panicky about accepting cash. Talk about following the Pied Piper of the cashless society into the matrix!

    The funniest part of all is the concern that carrying cash will increase the odds of being robbed by the customers not realizing that Uber Corp. with its 25% cut, is robbing you all blind. By ts own admission, Uber is just a booking service, matching riders with drivers. Its contractors, therefore, should pay not one cent more than the $2.50 booking fee. Anything above that is no different than an income tax with zero payback. (And on top of that, you still have to pay a percentage to Gov. Inc.)

    There are many angles to be considered by this latest development in the Uber scam saga. I may explore them later on my blog and post the link here.

    Thank you, Randy, for keeping me up to date on what is going on at your cab company.

    In the meantime, y'all might find my blog entry from 30 July 2016 of some interest…


  11. So I posted the driver network on Facebook about a sour Uber Stool ride that didn't pay enough. I finally got support to tell me I would no longer receive POOL REQUESTS! YAY FOR OUR SIDE! RISE UP DRIVERS! HOUND THEM ENOUGH and say you refuse to accept Uber Pool due to a lack of cost effectiveness for you, and we might really damage their unfair POOL business practices, for the driver and the passenger!

  12. I already carry cash to break $20s for tips, now I am going to be accepting cash? Gang members will start hailing us and robbing us because they know we have cash. I hope it is an opt-in feature, but knowing uber it will be forced on us.

  13. It's an easy solution. After receiving the trip request contact the rider and let them know if they plan to pay with cash you are unable to do the trip. This shouldn't happen often enough to impact your cancelation rate especially if you get the rider to cancel. I can't believe Uber is even considering accepting cash as payment. Total disregard for drivers safety. Hopefully drivers will be allowed to opt out.

  14. One more thing we get screwed by the rider and again by Uber? a 10.00 fare we lose from the rider. then we lose another 10.00 plus. the only people making out is uber because they don't pay you the 10.00 plus the 20% 2.00 you you lose 22.00 on the ride alone. I hope we know in advance it is a cash request. I think I will refuse if not I'm getting me CCW. in California we have to have good reason and carrying cash is a reason.

  15. And when that happens Uber just may lose out as people will think they can just hail a ride. And some poor sap will pull up and they get mugged. If we carry Cash can we carry a weapon then. If so I will get my CCW. Uber be warned don't do it.

  16. 3 words…

    DON'T LIKE IT !!!

    This is just begging for all kinds of stupid things to happen. Like UberMan said, all a rider needs to do is report to Uber that the driver asked for more cash than what the actual fare was…HOW COULD WE PROVE WE DIDN'T ? We ALL know how Uber takes the riders word over a driver any day. Yeah, begging for being robbed. WTF is going through the minds of the powers that be at Uber ?

  17. Says "no anonymous riders" but we get those all the time! Most of the riders out there are using some else's account. Uber/Lyft never does anything about it when you report it. Their solution is always "we will make sure that you are never paired with this rider again". That's not a solution at all! How do drivers know that the person we are picking up wasn't banned from the platform for assaulting a driver or vandalising a driver's car or anything else? Do they give a damn about drivers?

  18. No bueno…So few of my riders "claim" to have any cash on them anyway.. I'm not sure we'll see a huge change considering the self entitled trust fund babies we haul, and, on the other side of this glorious spectrum, welfare recipients using their cash card for Uber and other things the state didn't anticipate..Now I have to carry a wad of 5's and 1's to make change for these dolts who's mommy gave them 20 bux to get lost? Replenish it when the small bills run low? Record each fare on a log sheet to keep track of them? My car isn't yellow and never will be. Somehow we'll find a loophole to avoid those fares. This and everything Randy claims is all ……no bueno, no good, bad for biz, bad for the platform, more effort for the driver, more danger in more ways that we should count…I'll pass, or buy a crown vic with a cage…