Uber Killing Surge with BOOST – WATCH THIS!!!

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  1. We, as driver's, need to stop this race to the bottom by continuing to work for Uber. Turn your other apps on, such as: Lyft, DoorDash, GrubHub, etc…don't allow Uber to continue to de-value us. They do need us.

  2. It happened to me UberMan in Coachella California . It was surging 3.8 I picked up the riders and I noticed there was a 2.6 when they enter the PIN number later when I check it… Uber screwed me on that one big time….

  3. Man this is depressing!!! I just started Uber this past week… excited by all the positive videos by you and other drivers… one week later, I finally get to all the bs videos. Now I'm reconsidering this whole driving thing.

    Lyft isn't here in Houston yet. How do I get them here???

    Oh I'm on my 16th trip in three days… $173 – 15 hours, 60$ in fuel? Not even close to making a profit in UberX. I was trying to qualify (30 rides) for select but all this and the hassle/ cost & then I need a TNC license to pickup in Houston and the airport. Wtf?

    Then I see a video of these San Francisco and Jersey drivers banking 150 rides a week and $2000??? So confusing.

  4. Every time I'm in a surge area I don't get rides from within. I only get rides outside the surge area even though I'm in the surge area. Just like every time I get a trip I have to travel at least 10-15 minutes to pickup the passenger. Does Uber intentionally make you travel for rides?

  5. I'm driving part time for uber and I noticed if an area starts to surge then as soon as I drive to that area the surge drops off, then I get a request in about 10 min and no surge 🙁 everytime!

  6. UberMan,
    Just an FYI, I used to own a automotive refurbishment business(custom paint jobs for cars). I had some very talented painters whom have been painting for years. He told me that the city of Phoenix(he paints fleet vehicles when the Gov't employee has a little "oops" and doesn't want to report it) is switching(not implemented yet) to taking the Gov't fleet vehicles and liquidating them, then Uber is going to be the service provider. This also comes at a time where they are extensively testing and mapping Phoenix with the driverless Uber vehicles. In fact, no joke, I picked up a tester to drive him to Ubers facility here in Phoenix. I chatted with him along the way. Uber recruited him from UC Davis. He was younger(I'm 33), smart, had a degree in mechanics(engine performance) and engineering. He was also paid hourly living out of a hotel/motel. Not salary but had the hopes of advancement it sounded like. Sounds like a perfect storm/market to decrease costs while being in bed with the City. This is 100% factual story.

  7. I only turn on UberEats when they offer a decent guarantee and a bonus on top. after that, they get nothing. Uber can and will pay. I quit UberX almost 2 years ago because of the bull$#/÷ . They are the bad apple that needs to go. lyft isn't much better, but I run it all the time & make better money.

  8. Now in Miami they give an estimated price to pool riders and if the price according to the way they are paying to drivers is less than the estimated, they pay the driver and keep the rest for themselves. they said if the estimated price is less than the price they have to pay to the driver , they will pay the difference to driver out of their pockets .1st they lower the prices ,then they rise the $1.00 fee to $1.70 and to $1.90 , and now they charge the riders a higher amount, and pay the drivers the same low rate. amazing ahh?

  9. This is GREAT VIDEO!!! Thank you very much Randy! I would've liked this video a million times!! Especially about the part demystifying more rides more money shit!!! That's very true! It's Uber who screwed up everything!

  10. I havent seen any pin yet here in Dallas Fort Worth Texas area BUT we do have a boost in certain area's that used to surge highly but not anymore. They capped the airports to a 2 surge several months go,

  11. I use uber and Lyft ALOT. Every ride I ask the driver if he's making decent money. They usually say everything has been really good, but then I ask them how long they've been doing it, and the response has ALWAYS been the same. Oh, about two weeks…..few weeks….just started….part time for the past month, etc. etc.

  12. Yes they are!!!! I do ubereats. They have 1.3 boast promotion right now. Wow. They killed surge they say if its more you will get more. U dont. It says surge rate varieties based on product. Wtf does that mean? Now it stays at 1.3 or lower no matter what. U are driving to put gas in your own damn car!!! I cant believe they are doing their drivers like this.

  13. Uber needs to use anything available to get ahead. Some of the most powerful companies have made it big by stepping on the little guy or exploiting cheap labour. Nothing new here.

    Once you realise you have as much rights as the worker from a Bangladesh sweat shop, you will be in the right frame of mind to work for Uber.

  14. I haven't seen a pin number, but I will tell you in the Minneapolis market there is almost no surge anymore. I don't drive weekend nights anymore because I can make as much money driving during the day on Fri/Sat. It's been at least 4 months now, basically since they put in this bull crap boost program offering a paltry 1.2x to 1.8x from 12 a.m. to 3 a.m. Very rarely is it getting over 2x. Also, it used to surge all over the metro area, mainly in certain spots and now that is rare. '

    Rush hours M-F used to surge constantly, again, very little surge now and very rarely do I see it get past 2x when it does. Then getting a fare when it is surging seems to be impossible. I have sat in surge zones for 10 plus minutes and never gotten a ride request. I have been near surge zones and go to them and sit there, drive around in them and never get a ride. My ride requests often are coming from 10 to 20 minutes away outside the zone.

    Plus the market is now flooded with too many drivers. Soon as I find other work I am basically done with Uber.

  15. here in dc, ive not seen anh of that. it's just boost and if the surge is higher you get that. i go for the boost and the bonus for x number of rides. i wonder if this bullshit is on the horizon. im only doing uber till i get a job back in i.t.

  16. Lyft is NOT available in Houston, BTW. That being said, taxis and uber were all that was available. I wish Lyft would get to Houston, but they probably won't because of the B.S. regulations the city of Houston puts on all uber and taxi drivers! It was because of the taxi drivers that uber drivers had to conform to regulations as they were losing money due to real competition! Free enterprise is great, but apparently not to ripoff cabbies!