UBER & LYFT – Tips & Techniques #2 (Good Habits to have)

Giving tips and techniques. This one is called good Habits. Giving a few good habits to have while driving Uber and Lyft.

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  1. I agree.. Attitude is EVERYTHING in customer service. People can pick up on negative energy real quick. I have been a rider and have experienced a couple of dry personality driver's. It just makes you want to hurry up and get out of their car.

  2. Also know that when passengers are in the back seat and you think they are on social media or something they really are not they are watching the GPS to make sure you're going the right way. This girl tried to call me out asking me are you sure you know where you're going…i was like uh yes I know where I always go to the Army Base and drop off and pick up and she wanted me to go thru the gates and I can't cuz I'm not military and she was pissed and I let her boyfriend use my aux plug and for 35 minutes I had to listen to disrespectful rap music degrading women. No more will I let anyone use my aux plug they can listen to their own music on their phone with headphones. The young Uber passengers are so entitled and they think you are driving them around in a limo.

  3. Terry I first want to say thank you. You are one of the few who provides quality information. I hope you don't mind if I outline some of the key points in this video to help others (as well as myself). Thanks again! Happy holidays man!

    Habit 1: Verify the address
    *Doing this has helped me countless times as many people will (for some reason) put in the wrong destination.

    Habit 2: Check the back seat when the passenger leaves the car
    *So much yes! It will save you such a headache (I've had to mail back keys at my own expense).

    Habit 3: Always check your tires
    *I check the pressure daily. I recommend the tires you purchase come with a warranty of at least 60,000 miles. It's also good to check your car every day before you start and every night (or whenever you end) when you end. You can save yourself a hassle by finding things that might result in a bad ride.

    Habit 4: Pay attention to gas prices
    *I got a Costco membership which has been amazing. The Costco in Town Brookhaven is awesome when in the city!

    Habit 5: Keep your trunk clean
    *Put yourself in the riders shoes for this one. It doesn't have to be spotless but room is key. I keep all my cleaning materials (for the car) in a small bag in my trunk that barely takes up any room. That is it.

    Habit 6: Have fun and be happy! (Attitude)
    *Having a positive attitude can be hard to maintain sometimes with riders but it does wonders for ratings! Keep your heads up! Have fun! Terry I bet you're awesome to ride with!