Uber Man – Can Drivers Make Money Anymore?? 01-11-17

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  1. I calculated my earnings for 60 hours a wk I made 1100.00. Uber took their cut it left me with 880. Then I tax myself 30% on 880. Then I had about 616. Then I took out my gas then I was at which was 170. Then my pay turn into 446. Then my oil change that put me to 400. Then I average out 60 hours for this with no overtime. So the final cut is I made 6.66 cents funny the mark of the beast. This is disgusting. I'm not counting depreciation, tires, brakes, car washes,car insurance, car payments and meals. So you make shit.Uber surges a joke and no way you can make money impossible the variables are to high. So sorry so I disagree with you Uber man I think you got your facts a little twisted there.

  2. You sir, are the absolute best coach out there! Brilliant content. I have been searching for someone who understands business and how to make money and you are a font of knowledge. Thank you! I am investing in your course tomorrow. ❤❤❤

  3. 4 weeks with LYFT and this is the result:  I grossed $285.00, $463.00, $131.00, and $438.00.  I didn’t have any referrals as everyone has Lyft or Uber app already…..and I mean everyone.  I spent over $300 on gas and travelled over 3,000 miles in four weeks in Phoenix, AZ. 
    It was nearly impossible to get into the higher paying red zones and get a ride that paid more.  I worked 40 hour weeks except for the $131 week.  I took 157 rides.  $1,317.00 / 157 = $8.38 NET per ride but I haven’t subtracted gas or car expenses at $8.38 per ride.  The car started with 12,500 miles and ended at 15,500 (give or take a few miles).  At 0.535 cents per mile to drive (IRS number)  0.535 x 3000 miles $1,605 cost to operate with depreciation.  So, I actually LOST MONEY….I will use mileage on the taxes and I won’t pay a cent to the IRS.    IMHO it is impossible to make the numbers work for one reason:  the driver does not get paid to get to the customer.  A TAXI has a “drop fee” but Uber and Lyft do not.  TAXI services figured the cost to drive a long time ago.  Lyft and Uber  assume drivers can’t do math.  I enjoyed driving for LYFT, I think they have a GREAT IDEA and service. I recommend users enjoy and use their service but I personally cannot make the FEES RECEIVED pay for a $40,000.00 car and my time. So, I voluntarily left LYFT. If you can make it work for you, congrats! Go for it!

  4. As for me, I count all miles driven – including empty miles – as business mileage expense. There are days when empty miles equal UBER miles; As an order of magnitude, figure 50 cents per business mile driven (IRS allows 55 cents); figure ALL your time . Example: If you start at 8 am and end at 8 pm that's 12 business hours – even if you are "off the clock" to go to the bathroom, fuel up, etc. After 6 months of part-time driving, I make about $7 to $8 average per hour. So I make no profit on the use of my auto and I am at risk every day I am behind the wheel. Yes, I could make more, but I personally detest driving drunks around and putting up with that crap. I do not recommend anyone to drive Uber; there is a lot of turnover once drivers figure the real costs of "taxi service".

  5. Uberman, I love your videos. Great explanation that some people make money and some don't. A major consideration: This is NOT a taxi service. Uber is able to compete here because RIDESHARE is a DIFFERENT business model. How many drivers pick up passengers just because the passenger is "headed in the same direction"? Suppose I am working another full time job and take breaks. Am I going to attract rides that are going nearby the same coffee shop or business I happen to be going to? NO! Uber drivers expect to be treated almost like taxi drivers – except on contract. For them, it's not about rideshare …… this is a business. Keep truckin' Uberman …….. may see you in my home state some day………

  6. I did a $107 Uber ride for 140 miles and after standard deductions and tolls that I had to pay out of my pocket for the return trip I made $0.00, that's $0.00 dollars an hour. 280 miles x 53,5 cents per mile = 149.80, 107 – 3 tolls paid by customer because yeah they add it like it's pay and the other $3 I had to take out of my pocket to get home 101 – 149,80 = a loss of -$48,80

  7. Basically unless you are willing to drive rude, obnoxious potentially puking passengers around late at night, risking your life because there ARE drunks out on the road, you will never make great money driving for Uber. Any longer, surge pricing only occurs around 2 am on Friday and Saturday night in my market. You can make money like this guy (I just unsubscribed because he's become an Uber shill like the rideshareguy) if you refer people and get a referral bonus. I don't have the heart to do that to people. Uber has to offer sign-on bonuses simply because so many people quit after finding they can't make money and venture capitalists pay for those bonuses. It's not a money-making venture for Uber any more than it is for the driver. Run. Run far away.

  8. Every car lasts 100,000 Miles. Of course you can keep any car going forever if you replace the drive train, rebuild engine or transmission. At a certain point it costs too much. I bought a 50k/mi car for $10k. -.20 cents a mile. I get 30mpg. I drove guy to his college, 100 miles, spent 2 hrs. got paid by Uber $60. gas about $7.50, Car use $20.
    So I got about $30 left. I sat around a few hours waiting for the ride about 3hrs + 2hr ride. 5÷$30=$6/hr.
    Flipping burgers $7.25 hr. minimum wage?

  9. What we have to all understand about driving for uber or even lyft is that we are the ones who chose to work for these companies. If we all feel we are not making enough money or not liking the way these companies are treating us then we need to leave or find another side job. It's there company these ceo's can do what ever they want and how they want, we chose this job to make some extra cash on the side to pay a bill or car note or any other expenses for that matter. Instead of getting angry or upset we really should be thanking them for even coming up with the idea.

  10. I would like to let every one know I just started my uber driving 4 days ago and it was a Friday in socal California, I live in the inland empire, San bernadino County, city RANCHO CUCAMONGA and I make $155 a day in only 5 hours because I think and I ask and communicate with people that love to go out , or come to travel and airports how they work , party's and clubs , bars , or shows , even if it's just part time I make good money , people know that you have to know your city's when it's slow and what other city has more activity and drive there , I some times drive 30 min away and my tank of Gass is still full and I come back with 155 to 120 and I only fill up my car with 30 , after ,what I'm trying to say only the smart and more social people will survive uber

  11. uber man please stop the crying ,you just bitter because uber is just a full of shit . I been driving for before you became a spoke person for uber . First the business is falling . No matter what you say it's just a pay a quick bill scheme. uber man retire please.

  12. Metal Detecting Weekly
    You choose to drive for a cab service and then complain you don't make any money?
    How often do you here kids say, I want to be a cab driver? Go to schools or find your talent in life. I started a business with $600 to my name three years ago and never looked back. I have no education and only factory work experience. Make your own money and you can't complain about what you get. Make someone else money and you will always be unhappy with the cut

  13. I do 15-20 rides a week, pays for insurance, gas and helps with the car payment. Less stuff to take out of my pay check at the end of the month and I'll proudly report those at the end of the year for a tax break.

  14. This guy is so positive on Uber.I think he is getting paid by Uber. I wish you all luck I quit share ride long time ago. I still use Uber and lyft to go to Airport it is so cheap. I feel better as consumer than Drivers. I am making use of all of you driver and love every minutes of it. Sorry.

  15. what u said its all bullshit when Uber first started u didnt have to worry about where the surge prices are gonna be. if its like dat then its shit. uber drop down prices and that uber pool is a killer. so Hes right no matter wat market u in u making 2 dollars in hour after expenses