Uber Man’s TOP Tricks / Tips to Ridesharing $$$$$$$$MONEY$$$$$$$$

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  1. thanks dude very helpful tips I drove uber for 4 days now and I realized its not for me as a full time gig maybe as a par-time gig but not a full-time gig its hard been out there hustling every day I'm starting to see the only benefit Uber has is for Riders and the drivers are the suckers that's gets lured by big numbers but in reality after the deductions your left with chump change

  2. How do you all handle a person who brings a coffee with them into your auto? If the coffee has a lid, I say nothing. If there is no lid on their coffee….I do NOT like it though so far I've said nothing though inside I want to say something.

  3. uberman Im curious for your opinion on a burning question I've always wanted to ask. let's say your waiting for a convention or major concert event to let out and your in wait mode near by the venue and you get a call 25 minutes away , do you leave the anticipated rush that you know will give you a surge run or do you not accept it and stay in the wait area?

  4. Dude, your videos and advice helped me a lot as a new driver (as of 12/26/2016) . but in Los Angele we have USC (college) . bitch ass punks call uber pool to get from one side of campus to the other, or just to go get pizza 1 mile away, then you get ping after ping from punks doing the same thing, you wind up like a pin ball bouncing around for $1.46 at a time. no colleges for me.

  5. You forgot one HUGE tip:
    Get a Square (or similar) account and a free card reader for all those people who say they would "take care of you", if only they carried cash.
    Whenever I hear this song and dance, I happily reply: That's okay, I have a card reader for this, and will gladly help you! I pop the reader into my phone, tap the app, and in less than a minute am ready to go.
    Last week alone I would have lost half of my tip income if I didn't have this.

    Make those "big spenders" put their money where their mouth is, especially when they're trying to impress their ladies!

  6. Exactly what every new driver needs to know, and what the seasoned Uber /Lyft people who think they are all set for life need: A reality check!

    The self driving car is coming, and quickly.
    Some estimates are by 2030/35 there will no longer be a need for human intervention (semi-self driving, due to the fact that some roads need to be replaced or upgraded to work with the technology currently).

    That's not only cars, but busses, trains and even heavy trucks will be mostly automated (some may need to be human driven for the "last mile" IE: docks, warehouse operations etc.) .

    No matter how much you hate the idea of an autonomous vehicle option, and believe me as a lifetime professional driver I don't want to be pushed out of my job by automation, but we have to face the fact that it can do the job even better, and save more lives. By 2040 you won't be able to find a car with a built in steering wheel anymore, it'll be a 'nostalgia option' and only legal for certain places. There will be no drivers license, and no more drivers education.
    We're probably going to be losing certain markets as soon as 2020! As soon as the passenger feels safe, and the ride is cheaper than a "conventional" TNC, you can bet they'll forget you like you never existed.

    Look at what happened to American manufacturers: Cheap labor markets and the dollars in the hands of consumers who voted for the destruction of their own lives with their spending habits.

    Enjoy it while it lasts, and do everything in your power to make sure that you do it right.

    You may not like those over-privileged, under-appreciative, spoiled children who constitute the base of the surge market, but the situation is not going to improve without your intervention. You can make a huge difference in the way we interact with that type of person by not allowing yourself to be walked on simply because they are paying for a ride. Your price doesn't include an abuse fee.

    Excellent advice, and fair warning.

    Keep the faith, and keep up the good work, Randy.

  7. Straight to the point as usual ??
    Also I love the words at the end about not doing it full time, it's great part time money and that's it. Haha I drive a stick and it never fails I'll get one person a night commenting about how amazed they are, no one drives manual anymore.

  8. Great tips and tricks! I just started driving for Uber sole just to make few extra change in my pocket. I wait when it surge in my area then go online and maybe pick up a couple more going back home or going to my full time job. I missed NYE though because I got sick.

  9. I hate surge. Let say it is raining. OK, so I get a call from a passenger. He screams "Hurry up!" Later he complains about getting poor service. I get a low rating. Maybe he is angry. People think they are going to pay $15 and they get hit with $45 due to surge. Hey, just one bad rating + complaint can crush your score. This will get you deactivated zap – yes!

  10. 5600 rides never kicked out a customer yet… Did u say it was appropriate to kick someone out when they are saying something about being kidnapped because I take plenty of customers who at times don't know where they are and freak out and vocalise it…

    Doesn't It hurt your rating when u refuse to do things they ask you to do? Like drive thru… Last week I had a customer who I took 2km to a house wait 21 minutes then drive 1km to the bar lol…

    4.68 rating 98% acceptance rate and 4% cancellation rate. My cancellation rate comes from shit like a customer has a child and no child seat…

  11. had to stop you at 1:35 haha. your cars value should mean next to nothing. all a car is for Uber or rideshare is a investment. putting in tons of miles, minor maintenance cost throughout the year, tacking on mileage shouldn't be a factor period.

  12. Hey Uber Man,

    I am a new Uber driver, less than 100 trips, looking to go full time here in about a week. I have been following your videos for some time and I have a question. What do I need to do to get started in Uber the most? Is it Insurance? Is it an Item? I already have most of the stuff on your videos. So, is there was something you wish you had when you started that you have now?

  13. I bought a Prius V for 2 reasons.
    1.To do Uber on Saturday night into Sunday morning. I'll make around $150/wk. Enough to pay for the car and then some.
    2.My wife has no concept of how many miles she can log so the savings on her driving count towards the bottom line.
    I strongly recommend buying the Prius V and certainly from Carmax with the extended warranty.
    I found mine at Carmax for $1000 below book value. A 2013 with 32,000 miles.
    It was in excellent condition with only a few minor blemishes on the paint.
    Do your homework and keep your eyes open and you can find a good deal.
    I have to say I'm very impressed with the Prius V with the 5 level package.
    It's a very nice ride and when I'm driving it it will get around 50 mpg.
    And when you need to launch from a traffic light or an on ramp to merge with traffic hit the power button.
    The kick will surprise you.

  14. I am 100% straight up with riders who want to stop "for just a minute". I break it down like this: "Okay, now we get to have some real talk. I am out here doing this to take care of my family. If we stop, I will miss out on at least one and as many as three rides today. That means I will lose money on this ride. If you were in my position, what would you do?" Often, they will offer to tip me for the stop or agree to not stop.